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🙂 Learn about the housing subsidies granted by the financial institution mi casa now Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : My house is already one of the financial entities that are registered within the housing subsidy financing plans, this entity has had several housing subsidy plans, for this it has approximately 64,000 places available, here we will tell you what they are the various subsidies granted by the financial institution mi casa ya.

🤓  These are the various types of subsidies offered by the financial institution mi casa already for the acquisition of housing ✅

In order for many people to be able to opt for this type of housing subsidy benefits, the State has implemented several types of subsidies which are adjusted to the needs of each family nucleus, among these we find the following:

 The Mi Casa Ya social program: this is one of the housing subsidy programs whose purpose is to guarantee that those people or households that do not have incomes greater than 4 legal minimum wages in force can have the possibility of acquiring a social housing (VIS), such a program is aimed at acquiring a home in any urban area

🔥  The Subsidy of housing program:  🤑

as regards this type of program, people who wish to opt for this type of subsidy must bear in mind that part of the money required to purchase the home is provided by the State, another important aspect is that potential beneficiaries must acquire a priority interest home for savers or better known as VIPA, in this case the home chosen by the beneficiary cannot under any reason exceed the amount of 15,900 usd

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Subsidy of housing offers family housing subsidies is an excellent option for housing solution 🙂

 The Mi Casa Ya initial fee housing subsidy program: this subsidy program is characterized by the fact that the National Government grants the beneficiaries a one-time amount that does not exceed approximately 4900 usd without a restitution fee for the acquisition of low-interest homes. social (VIS)

 The interest rate subsidy program: people who are beneficiaries of this type of subsidy will be able to acquire either a social housing (VIS) or a non-VIS housing, the entity will approve a financing limit of only 30 % of the cost of housing

 The housing subsidy program of the compensation fund: these are assigned either for the remodeling of a house or for the construction of a new house, one of the fundamental aspects is that the contribution is granted only once and for this the optants must be affiliated with the family compensation fund

✨  Finally, the subsidy program known as Mi Casa Ya housing leasing: this financing 💥

program is aimed at priority interest dwellings for savers known as (VIPA) or for social interest dwellings known as (VIS). leased for approximately 20 years