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We welcome you to the blog cursodesdecasas.com, this page has been designed as an informative channel, its main objective is to share data related to the different social programs among other benefits granted by the State. It is important to highlight that social aid programs are aimed at the population with low economic resources; and with a high degree of vulnerability, the subsidies are granted through the different programs of the national government.

Readers of this blog will be able to access extensive and clear information where they find how to apply and how to process the requirements requested for the allocation of the different subsidies.

🥇  Teacher needs courses Fully funded online courses 🙂

Fully funded online courses  : Courses Fully funded online courses needed by the teacher are one of the methods that Fully funded online courses help the teacher to reach a high level of skill in the educational process, education is one of the advanced fields that do not stop at certain limits, but continue to improve in every period, it is a broad field that includes a lot of knowledge, education is a process that interacts In it, both the teacher and the student put the student on the starting point in science by providing knowledge of a specific scientific subject using a set of means that contribute to the delivery of various information.

🤓 Fully funded online courses  What are the courses that the teacher needs? ✅

In the educational Fully funded online courses process, the teacher needs some capabilities and skills that contribute greatly to achieving success in education by preparing the student well mentally and spatially in order to be able to assimilate the various information, and this requires that the teacher have a high degree of knowledge of some matters other than his scientific specialization, so he needs The teacher seeks to acquire skills and information related to the method Fully funded online courses of teaching and the methods used in communicating information, in order to ensure that the student gets a full understanding of the educational material.

The Fully funded online courses teacher is able to acquire special skills and abilities in the educational process through the use of a set of methods that enable him to reach a good level, the most important of which is attending courses that the teacher needs to help him reduce the time and effort in identifying the merits of the educational process.

🔥  Fully funded online courses following are a number of training courses for the teacher: 🤑

1- Active Learning Fully funded online courses

Active learning courses include a group Fully funded online courses  of diverse teaching methods that depend on placing the student in a position of responsibility greatly, and this provides a great deal of comfort to the teacher in the educational process, as this method depends on the student’s integration and participation in the materials in order to be able to recover the information again, and the method is adopted Active learning is based on different learning methods that are exposed by using drama, groups and research, pictures, videos and visual presentations, and brainstorming to obtain the desired results.

2- Dealing with different types of personalities Fully funded online courses

There are different Fully funded online courses styles of personalities mentioned in psychology, where these personalities are classified into the classification of higher programs according to the method used in processing the information that each person receives, and the classification of representational systems that relate to the way a person receives information through his five senses, and also the classification of Myers – Briggs, and the teacher can choose through these courses a specific classification to study in order to be able to deal with students, and to identify the reasons behind their various behaviors and actions.

3- Speech and influence skills

When talking about courses that the teacher needs, the courses related to speech and influence must be mentioned, which is one of the most important courses that work to enhance the teacher’s ability to communicate information to students, as these courses are concerned with a group of things, including the method of standing, the amount of speed of speech, the movements that the body makes The teacher, the tone of voice used in the educational process, the special skills to draw students’ attention and move them from a mood that reflects boredom to another more cheerful and active, in addition to knowing how much each student understands the scientific content provided by the teacher, and this type of course contributes to enhancing the teacher’s ability to Speak with confidence and also improvise in the sudden moments of unexpected questions.

✨ Learning difficulties Fully funded online courses 💥

Learning difficulties are a group of issues and difficulties that stand as an obstacle in the educational process in front of the student, where the student finds it difficult to understand and focus on the information he receives from the teacher, so we find that each class includes some students with a poor achievement level, and the reason in some cases is due to a physical disability Or a psychological disability, and in most cases the student is normal and free of disability, and learning difficulty appears in reading, focus, understanding, attention, and perception.

🔥  Free training certificates  English letters – How to learn English letters correctly? 🥇

Free training certificates  : If you are thinking of learning English or have just started Free training certificates learning, don’t worry. The first lesson taught in the English language is the English letters. English is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn and it is the most spoken language in the world. Also, the English language is the language of science, as most of the modern sciences are written in the English language and are taught in the English language in most countries of the world.

🙂  Free training certificates  Learn English no more with English Live today ✅

He joined the first Free training certificates  school in the world that won a gold award for three years in a row to teach English via the Internet, which has more than 20 million students.

The English language was used in writing for the first time in the fifth century AD. It was not in the same current shape as Free training certificates it is now, as it was modified with the passage of time until it reached the current shape.

The letters of the English modern alphabet consist of 26 letters and were extracted from the Latin alphabet. The shape of printed letters differs from handwritten letters from one individual to another, especially when writing is done in cursive letters.

🤓  Free training certificates  In the following table, a simplified Arabic pronunciation of the English language letters is shown below each letter from left to right: 🤑

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj


Kk Ll Mm Nn ​​Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt


Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz



 The English letters are pronounced as it Free training certificates  appears next to them in Arabic, with some minor differences in terms of laminating and maceration.

The letter «H» is sometimes pronounced «Hitch» in English, Irish and Australian pronunciations.

🔥 The letter z z pronounces z in the American pronunciation. ✨ 😂   

💥  Free training certificates  Types of letters in the English language: 💥

As we can see in the above table, letters in the English language are of two types:

Capital Letters.

Small Letters.

Capital letters are used for proper and country names, names of people, and to start the first word of a sentence. As for small letters, they are used in all cases, except when they are used as capital letters.

These are the upper case letters, followed by the lowercase letters


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

English letters, including consonants and vowels:

The English language letters are 26 letters, it has 5 vowels, and the rest of the consonants are Consantant letters.

Vowel letters and vowel letters are identical to vowels in the Arabic language, which are (a / e / i / o / u).

Free training certificates  Also, if some letters are added together, their pronunciation changes from if they are singular, such as:

ph is pronounced as faa ‘in Arabic

sh is pronounced as shin in Arabic

ch is pronounced as ch in Arabic

Tion is pronounced as shen in Arabic

Sion is pronounced as ven in Arabic ough is pronounced as u or af in Arabic

And if the letter C comes at the beginning of the word and is not followed by the letter e, then it is pronounced as, but if it is followed by the letter e, it is pronounced S.

Here are some simple words and phrases used in everyday life that you may start learning:

Hello, hello

My name is my name

I am I am

How are you?

How old are you? How old are you?

I am 12 years old

Where is?

It is there it is there

Please please

Thank you, thank you

No, no

What is this?

Free training certificates  Learn English easily with our approved English applications and program. You can study with our online Free training certificates school applications. We have the best English teaching program available 24/7, wherever you are.

As you see. Learning English is not as difficult as you can imagine. We also at EF English Live have the best school for beginners to learn English through the Internet. The school has 16 levels, so it fits all levels, from beginner to professional. You can also take private lessons and group lessons directly with a teacher throughout the day.

How would you describe your feelings in English?

I hope that by now you have learned a lot about idioms and especially how confused you might be about them if you try to translate them. However, if you use English to speak, you will notice that idioms help you express things in a more interesting way. Well, here are some idioms to help you express what you feel on the inside. Remember that these phrases are not literally understood and that you should always change the verbs to suit the time in which you are speaking.

‘Driving me up the wall’ – this term is used when someone is really angry at you. The expression is usually used like this: subject (s) + is / are + to drive + me up a wall. For example, “he is driving me up the wall” or “she drove me up the wall” or “he will drive me up the wall” or “they are driving me up the wall”.

🙂 Free training certificates  From Frankenfood to Glamping: Oh my God! They are new words from the past decade 🥇

Free training certificates  : The English language is constantly changing, Free training certificates but especially over the past ten years. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, social media and smartphones, the English language has a whole Free training certificates host of new words that have emerged as a result of these new technological phenomena. We’ll take a look at some of the latest buzzwords. Look for the words “blended” which is the new word that arose from Free training certificates the fusion of two existing words – many modern new words originated this way.

✅  Pop-up – this word has two Free training certificates new meanings in the Free training certificates modern era. 🤓

Anyone who uses the Internet will know pop-ups as annoying advertising windows that ‘pop up’ in the corner of the screen when browsing the Internet. It also describes the whole new shopping phenomenon. Pop-up shops are stores that ‘pop up’ only for a short period of time, often in malls, deserted markets, and pop-up store areas specially designed for this. They are Free training certificates often boutiques selling unique, locally produced items, from artwork to clothing, food and drink to books.


Hoodie – The word hoodie appeared Free training certificates years ago as a name for a hoodie or sweatshirt. But over the past decade, the term has also begun to be applied to the kind of people who wear these clothes. In the United Kingdom this usually means teenagers, but this term is often used scornfully to describe gangs of young men who love to hang around the streets and make Free training certificates trouble.

🤑 Yogalates- Two forms of exercise that Free training certificates have Free training certificates increased in popularity over the past decade are yoga and Pilates.  🔥

While aerobic exercise in the 1980s and 1990s was all about aerobics, people in the 2000s took up these two forms of exercise in order to get fit, and they were both popular with celebrities. Yogalates is the new term for exercise that is a mixture of both, and it reflects this.

Google – We all know Google as the name of Free training certificates the most popular internet search engine on the planet, but over the past decade the use of the word has changed. It is no longer just a name for the search engine itself, it is now an act of searching for something on Google. Don’t you remember the name of an actor in a movie you watch? Or in what year did Italy win the World Cup? Free training certificates It’s time to google it (looking for it in google).

Free training certificates GM food is a relatively recent scientific breakthrough and has generated much debate. This new word for genetically modified Free training certificates food reflects the concerns of people who are concerned about the implications of genetic tampering with food – and the word is a mixture of «food» and «Frankenstein»!

Noob or newb – This is one of the many new words from the past decade that have appeared thanks to the Internet. You will often see a noob, Free training certificates newb, or newbie in online forums and comments when people refer to someone who is inexperienced in a particular field or activity, especially computing or internet use.

✨ OMG (Oh my God) – If you’ve Free training certificates ever used the internet you’ll no doubt have come across this recently invented acronym. I 💥

t means «Oh my god!» Or ‘Oh my goodness!’ As well as being used a lot on the Internet, you now hear people say it in Free training certificates everyday conversation as well.

Glamping- This word is a mixture of two words that I might not think would go together and they are glamorous and camping. It is driven in part by Free training certificates music festivals attended by celebrities such as Glastonbury in the UK. Glamping now applies to more luxurious forms of camping that have gained popularity in recent years, such as camping in tents.

What new words have you Free training certificates noticed emerging recently? We’d love to hear your favorite words – or new words you can’t stand, in the comments below!

🔥  Free Online Courses  Fully Funded Scholarship for Women in America for Shebegan Magazine Graduate Programs 2023-2024 🥇

Free Online Courses  : Shebegan magazine invites women to apply for its scholarship. Free Online Courses Preference will be given to women who demonstrate a prior dedication to charitable or volunteer work aimed at empowering women in their specific fields as well as women in professional, community or civic work. Offers the International Women’s Scholarship (ISW) to new youth talent. Free Online Courses

😂 Free Online Courses Criteria for applying for the scholarship: 🙂

The ISW scholarship is available to women from any country except Iran. Free Online Courses.

The age required for each degree program depends on the requirements of the university.

You must hold a degree (received from abroad or in the United States) equivalent to a Free Online Courses bachelor’s degree in the United States in order to enroll in a master’s program, or hold a degree equivalent to a master’s degree in the United States to apply for a doctoral degree, or hold a doctorate degree to apply On a postdoctoral program.

You plan to return to your home country to take up an official career. Free Online Courses

Possess proficiency in using the English language. Unless the candidate can confirm that the language of her country is English (the statement is required in writing), or that she obtained her university degree or high school diploma that was taught in English (a certificate for this is required), IELTS or any evidence of English language proficiency.

Postdoctoral candidates must provide evidence of their PhD degrees, hold a PhD with an academic degree (for example, M, DBA Ed.D, or Ph.D.) or obtain it by a certain date and specify the university and laboratory in which In it the candidate will conduct his research study. Free Online Courses

Candidates must be enrolled in a full-time program where ISW does not sponsor part-time or research courses. Free Online Courses

ISW does not sponsor distance education programs, language courses, cultural exchange programs, and short-term courses.


✅  Free Online Courses  The scholarship will cover all of the following: 🤓

Free Online Courses  Health insurance sponsored by Sunlife Insurance.

Return trip – US $ 1,600 (once a year). Free Online Courses

Undergraduate tuition costs of US $ 18,000.

Master’s / first degree costs of 28,000 USD.

PhD costs of US $ 26,000.

Postdoctoral degree costs of US $ 32,000.

The books costs $ 1,000 a year.

Free Online Courses  Monthly stipend of $ 1,200 for an undergraduate student, $ 1,600 for a master’s student, $ 1,800 for a doctoral student and a flexible financial package for a postdoctoral student Free Online Courses.

🔥 💥  Free Online Courses  About Shebegan: 🤑 ✨

Free Online Courses  The International Women’s Scholarship (ISW) is awarded at universities in the United Free Online Courses  States of America for research or full-time study. Both graduates and students of higher education at recognized Canadian or American institutes are supported under this scholarship sponsored by SheBegan magazine. Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  The Chevening Scholarships is the British government’s global scholarship program. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students from eligible countries (which are about 160 including most Arab countries). The Chevening Scholarships last for one year for a Masters degree and cover: tuition costs, a living allowance, one-time travel costs to and from Britain in addition to additional financial grants to support basic expenses.

University of Sussex Scholarships are available across most of the university’s various colleges, and are offered based on academic excellence and potential for non-EU students who have obtained admission to study one of the university’s postgraduate majors. This scholarship covers 50% of the university fees for international students for one year.

Free online 1_

✨    Free Online Courses Fully funded PhD scholarships in Britain to conduct research at the University of Cambridge for the year 2023 💥

Free Online Courses  : The University of Cambridge is offering the Free Online Courses Gates Cambridge Scholarships for the year 2023 to international graduate students. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program was established in October 2023 through a Free Online Courses donation of US $ 210 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. This is the largest single donation ever to a British university.

Free Online Courses  Each year, the program offers 80 fully-funded scholarships to outstanding applicants from any country outside of the United Kingdom to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any program available at the University of Cambridge. Two-thirds of these scholarships will be awarded to PhD students, with approximately 25 scholarships available on the US tour and 55 scholarships available on the international tour. Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  The mission of the Gates Cambridge Program is to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others. It aims to achieve this mission by selecting distinguished researchers, providing them with financial and non-financial support in one of the world’s leading universities, and facilitating community building in Cambridge and beyond.

🔥  Free Online Courses  selection criteria: 🤑

Free Online Courses The selection criteria are:

Outstanding intellectual ability.

Reasons for choosing a program. Free Online Courses

Commitment to improving the lives of others.

Leadership potential.

Free Online Courses  Funding:

Free Online Courses  The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge. It also provides discretionary additional funding.

Free Online Courses Basic ingredients:

Free Online Courses Registration fees at the university at the appropriate rate.

Single Student Dependency Allowance (£ 17,500 for 12 months depending on the 2023-21 year rate; proportional to study programs of less than 12 months) – for PhD students, the scholarship is awarded for a period of up to 4 years.

Free Online Courses  One economy airfare at the start and end of the program.

Visa costs and the cost of immigration health surcharges. Free Online Courses

Estimated Additional Financing:

🤓  Free Online Courses  The Trust also considers requests for several types of additional financing on a discretionary basis: ✅

Academic development funding – from £ 500 to £ 2,000, depending on program duration, to attend conferences and courses. Free Online Courses

Family allowance – up to £ 10,120 for the first child and up to £ 4,320 for the second child (2023-21 year rate). No financing is provided for the spouse. Free Online Courses

Fieldwork – A student may apply for a natural dependency allowance during fieldwork as part of a doctoral degree (the trust fund does not fund other fieldwork costs as they must be funded through university registration fees).

Maternity / Paternity Funding – If requested, the applicant may apply to interrupt his studies for up to 6 months and continue to receive a maintenance allowance during this time. Free Online Courses

Hardship Financing – for unforeseen difficulties. Free Online Courses

The scholarship covers most of the costs, but does not cover bench fees, scientific equipment costs, or similar academic resources. The Trust expects that these basic program costs will be covered by the Academic Department at the University of Cambridge. Free Online Courses

🙂  Free Online Courses  About Cambridge University: 🥇

Free Online Courses  The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England, founded in 1209 and considered the second oldest university in the English-speaking world and the fourth oldest university today in the world. The university’s mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and the search for the highest international levels of excellence. Free Online Courses.

🙂  Free Online Courses A fully funded scholarship to study Arabic from the Qalam Walouh Center in Morocco 🥇


Free Online Courses : The Arab Linguistic Center «Qalam Walouh» in Rabat, Free Online Courses the capital of Morocco, announced the opening of applications for Ibn Battuta scholarships to study the Arabic language. The program aims to encourage students to study Arabic as a foreign language and reward those who excel in it. Free Online Courses.

🤓 Free Online Courses  Scholarship Worth: ✅

Free Online Courses  Full scholarship: It covers all study and housing costs for the duration of the program, with an approximate value of $ 420,000 for semester programs and $ 120,000 for winter and summer courses.

Partial scholarship: It covers tuition costs only for the duration of the program, with the approximate value being $ 2,450 for semester programs and $ 700 for winter and summer courses.


🔥  Free Online Courses Criteria for applying for the scholarship: 🤑


Writing an essay ranging from 600 to 1000 words in which you answer the following  Free Online Courses question: «What do you aspire to achieve from studying the Arabic language?» Free Online Courses

The applicant must complete at least four university semesters in Modern Standard Arabic Free Online Courses or the equivalent of at least 240 hours certified by a private institution.

Submitting three letters of recommendation, provided that at least one is from an Arabic language teacher. These letters are addressed to the “Qalam Walouh” award committee, and documents documenting the previous study of the Arabic language must also be attached. Free Online Courses.

✨  Free Online Courses Required Documents: 💥

Application form

A copy of the passport

Recommendation letters


Arabic language study documentation documents

About pen and tablet:

A leading educational institution with a high reputation in the center of Rabat, Morocco, hosts students interested in learning Arabic from all over the world, where Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is taught in addition to Colloquial Arabic (bike). Courses are held throughout the year according to flexible times, in addition to linguistic and cultural activities that provide students with the opportunity to practice the language inside and outside the classroom.

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Also, see job opportunities in the UAE available on Foras What are the future specialties and how do I choose my major? Free Online Courses

The world today is witnessing a changing era in all sectors including the work sector. As the achievements made in the field of technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing will radically transform the labor market, according to what was published by weforum.org, it is expected that by 2023 approximately 5 million jobs will disappear, to be replaced by other jobs . The demand for a number of existing jobs will also increase.

Find out which university specialization best suits your personality and abilities by taking the personality analysis test and the university specialization on Forsa

🔥  Free Online Courses  How do I choose my university major 😂

Not only that, in the future, some of the jobs that we know today will require skills that were not previously needed, in the sales sectors, for example, we find that e-commerce has begun to overwhelm regular trade, and in the manufacturing sector many aspects of this field have been computerized and the use of machines and robots to shorten the effort and time. . With all these revolutionary developments the need for technological expertise will become greater as the Internet of Things has begun to conquer the world! Here, the pressing question arises:

🔥   Free Online Courses  What are the majors of the future? 🔥

There are many factors that affect making such a decision, the first of which is desire and passion, then the current labor market need, and the country in which you reside, while the demand for mechanical engineering majors has become great in developed countries, we find that there is a surplus of these disciplines. In the Arab region, for example.


🔥 Website design service Fully funded online courses 🔥

Fully funded online courses : If your site is ready for display in Google with SEO techniques that I already have, we will know in this article that you can build your site if it is better SEO than any other site, Fully funded online courses

 Google will display your site on the homepage and in the first result, search the sites of your competitors and understand points The strength and weaknesses they have to distinguish it from your competitors so that Google appears on your site as the first result and not the second, third or fourth.

The seo relationship with Google is a direct one as your website is better than any other website in terms of SEO, Fully funded online courses

 and the more your website is ranked first in the search engine, it can beat the competition.

✨  Types of SEO services Fully funded online courses 💥

Fully funded online courses Onpage seo: in order to make internal improvements to your website so that your website appears on the main page, Fully funded online courses

 an example of this (limitation): to make your website fast loading and responding to mobile phones, and the use of an SSL certificate, Quickly link to your website, supply visitors, provide content that benefits the reader, improve article titles and pages or internal keys for articles according to the keyword and semantic and reduce bounce rates … and others.

Fully funded online courses Offpage SEO: External improvements work on your site, for example linking your site to social media pages, adding the site to webmaster tools, making a safe and natural backlink on the website, creating maps and sending them to search engines, and the number of signed social links From your website.

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🔥 Types of SEO services in terms of style Fully funded online courses 🤑

Some people like to treat seo services as a search engine, the search engine is on a good website, this is called black hat seo, some people prefer doing SEO in a safe way and it is called white hat seo and this is the best way to recommend it, although The search results for method 1 are fast, but this is not the case Security on your website If you find a search engine, your website will disappear permanently instead of the safe method. Fully funded online courses.

Website design service … Fully funded online courses

 Work to provide various electronic services, in addition to website design service, where we aim in our company to design and program various websites, and we provide those services with the latest technologies and technical methods in designing and hosting websites, in proportion to the various search engines And various Internet browsers and various mobile devices, tablets and iPhones, in accordance with international standards in designing and programming various websites, and for more of the site click here …

🤓  The power of electronic services Fully funded online courses ✅

The concept of electronic services is one of the difficult services that is not easy to be provided, and therefore some believe that once a website is created, it will be present on the Internet, but this is not correct as the websites are successful and unsuccessful ones, as well as what guarantees you the presence of the public Some of them are not allowed, but we have a team that provides various website design services in addition to taking into account many of the elements and features of the website, and this matter allows for the success and spread of the site. Fully funded online courses

The website design must be compatible with the mobile phone, as most of the visits and clicks to different websites come through the use of smartphones or tablets, and therefore through a study conducted in the United States of America it was proven that most users prefer to use a mobile phone and most of them are designers They forget that point.

🙂  Website design service Fully funded online courses 🥇

Fully funded online courses, We excel in a website creation company that we provide web design service, through good planning processes, planning is the basis for success in website design service, we develop a successful strategic plan for the site by understanding the nature of the site and its activity in addition to the nature of customers and visitors in The site, we also offer the services of designing your site and drawing the final shape of the site, as the design and programming team begins to take over the tasks.

✨   List of free online courses About Fives site 💥

List of free online courses :  Khamsat to work from home is the best choice if you are ready  List of free online courses and have a passion in a field that you are good at working in, but you do not know how to start and from where, List of free online courses  so through this topic we will provide you with the best ways to profit by performing microservices, which is the Khamsa site Through which you can find tremendous opportunities to work while you are at home, especially beginners. List of free online courses

Khamsat is a service site for buying and selling List of free online courses  meager services and it also acts as a mediator between the owner of the trade and the buyer and guarantees the rights of both parties and protects them from being exposed to one of them by fraud or fraud. List of free online courses

Khamsat was established in the year 2011 AD,  List of free online courses and the cost of one service on the site is 5 dollars and its commission reaches 1 dollar for each service that you can provide, and the services also vary according to your talent.


🔥 List of free online courses Fives site to work from home 🤑

List of free online courses  With Khamsat, you can profit from providing your various services to the public at a cost of $ 5 per service. For example, List of free online courses if you have the talent of Photoshop, you can exploit it by making your services available in five, for example, a logo preparation service, a banner, or a site planning and other services. List of free online courses

And if someone likes your service, he will buy the service and you will perform this service while protecting and keeping the determinants, rules and the agreed time period for performing the work. List of free online courses

After performing the work, your percentage of it is 4 dollars and only one dollar is deducted for the five-site site, and you can withdraw your money after passing the ten dollar amount, with a commission deduction, and you can certainly double that number through the features of renewable services. List of free online courses

It may explain to you in the beginning that the amount is simple, but with the completion of more than one service every day, you will reap decent and decent profits and amounts that can save you an income every month with it, and all you will need is knowledge of your skills well and the method and method of using them by selling various services that can be You can earn with it with fives. List of free online courses

Fives site services


🤓 Writing and translation services (translation / proofreading / writing texts and explanations) List of free online courses ✅

E-marketing services such as issuing advertising services on your site

SEO services

Planning services such as (Logo Strategy / Pictures / Videos / Presentations / Action Cards …) List of free online courses

Programming and development services (programming: Java, .Net, and Php ..)

Content interest systems services

Voice services List of free online courses

Procedures services, e-commerce, research, studies, procedures and trade guidance

Consulting services and instructions

Technology services List of free online courses

entering info List of free online courses

Internet / Windows / Android / iPhone-related services

Exercise services from a distance such as (learning programming, learning e-marketing, learning planning and learning the English language)

And other forms of services that can be provided to you, provided that you do not violate the limitations and rules of Khams Site and make money through it.

🙂  See also … How to calculate profit from YouTube List of free online courses 🥇

Style and how to work on the Fives website List of free online courses

In order to start selling services and achieving returns, the most appropriate service for you to add is what you are good at professionally. List of free online courses

We want you to be unique in describing your service and providing it professionally, and you can also use Canva’s website to create a setup with premium specifications for the image that describes your service. List of free online courses

Take advantage of the possibility and review the requests sections on the lowest Fives website, in order to see the various requests from customers awaiting accident offers in order to get the assignments done. List of free online courses

Also, it is recommended that you attach support with a high invitation on the site of Five to the buyers and do a similar service to it, for example if you are fluent in English, you have a demand for translation services on the site of Five is very great. F ully funded online courses

You should also follow the five determinants and rules, and read the determinants and rules carefully so that you do not make mistakes. List of free online courses

🙂  Free Certificate Courses Distance learning, the best recipe is to look students in the eye: not just youtube, all the software to do it 🥇

Free Certificate Courses :  The best recipe is to look your pupils in the eye. Free Certificate Courses  How to do it? How to communicate, especially in these weeks, with your students? How to make videos absolutely free from direct and manageable, more flexibly, deferred even in the presence of your parents or sisters or brothers, more pleasantly even in the afternoon. Free Certificate Courses

Certainly, the You Tube channel is very helpful, which unfortunately not all teachers know how to use. It is not a drama and you can equip yourself to take possession of this Free Certificate Courses important tool in the awareness that everything that shortens the distance between student and teacher must be conquered, made one’s own, used in the best way, sometimes overcoming the mistrust inherent in this. which is new. We said that You Tube is a great virtual place (enormously large) where you can share videos following a registration that is made totally free. You Tube allows you to insert videos of your own creation, express an opinion on the videos of other users and manage your own videos by creating a channel. Free Certificate Courses

🤓  How to subscribe to YouTube Free Certificate Courses  ✅

It is very easy if you already have a Google account; this will allow you to avoid the registration procedure. In this case, just go to the YouTube home, then, click at the top or right, on the item «log in», and type the email and password of your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you are forced to register instead. Free Certificate Courses

Still on the YouTube home, press the «create account» button, enter the required data, including the e-mail address and username to use on You Tube. Once this is done, a page will open where you will enter your preferred password to access You Tube and you will be asked to re-enter it. Furthermore, it will be necessary to enter the verification code that the system will show (the blue one), to prove to the system that it is not a machine to operate. Procedure, therefore, for any registration. In the end, you simply need to click on «Create my new account». At that point, access your e-mail box where you will receive a message that will be needed to confirm your registration. This is a link on which you must click to activate the account created. Free Certificate Courses

Finally, dear teachers, you will be on You Tube. Once the procedure for subscribing to YouTube has been defined, let’s now think about the procedure to follow to upload the first video and also the following ones, we hope so many. Free Certificate Courses

🔥   How to upload a video to YouTube Free Certificate Courses 🤑

The first thing to do is to create, even simply, your video with your mobile phone. Create your video. It goes without saying that you must first go to your pc. Log in to the You Tube account you just created, or the one you have the credentials for, and click on «upload video» at the top right. A page will open that says «select file to upload» or «drag video file». Click on it, the page where you saved your video will open, select it then click on “open” and your video will start loading which may take different times depending on its length. Assign, therefore, a name to the video, which you will copy in the space identified, we suggest assigning a brief description of the video in the no small space below and choose the category it belongs to where it will then be inserted (you can create the categories yourself). You choose whether to share your video with users you indicate (private) or with everyone by going to «Privacy». Press the «Save changes» button. At this point the video will be inserted in its database. You can insert videos shot with the webcam. You Tube is certainly an excellent means of promoting work through videos and the numerous shares that will certainly be there, we hope so, because school is also the ability to become a showcase and to be a model, without fear and without any kind of hesitation. . Free Certificate Courses

✨  How to create a YouTube channel Free Certificate Courses  💥

But what is the You Tube channel? The channel on You Tube is a collection of videos of the same user. It is therefore sufficient to create and upload a first video. What does it take to create a YouTube channel?

In the meantime, let’s summarize the first part, namely the need to create an account and upload a video. Meanwhile, go to the home page and click on «my account» located at the top left. A drop-down menu will open, where you will find the item «my channel». Click on it to access what will be your channel settings. Free Certificate Courses

Click on “channel information”. At that point you can assign a title to the channel; set a description and transcribe the information to allow, if necessary, Free Certificate Courses

🙂  Distance learning: the chat, how to best use it 🥇

Free Certificate Courses : explains how to best use one of the most popular methods for distance learning, the chat.

We recall that with the note from the Ministry of Education no. 278 of 6 March 2023, the possibility of achieving education through the distance methodology was introduced Free Certificate Courses

Free Certificate Courses «However, there remains the need to promote, in an extraordinary and emergency way, in all situations where this is possible, the right to education through of distance learning, … «and in particular note no. 279 of 8 March 2023 with which it was clarified how to achieve distance education «School institutions and their teachers are undertaking a variety of initiatives, ranging from the mere transmission of materials (to be gradually abandoned, as it is not comparable to distance learning), the recording of lessons, the use of platforms for distance learning, at the school, at home or at other facilities. Any initiative that favors continuity in teaching as much as possible is, in itself, useful. However, it is advisable to avoid, especially in primary school, the mere transmission of tasks and exercises, when not accompanied by some form of didactic action or even simply remote contact. Moreover, a necessary programming activity must be exercised, in order to avoid overlaps between the remote delivery, in the form of «virtual classes», between the different disciplines and to avoid overlapping. » Free Certificate Courses

With this last note, therefore, teachers are invited not to assimilate distance education with a mere transmission of materials. Free Certificate Courses  With this way of proceeding we are stuck with the first generation distance learning that was born in the mid-nineteenth century, used the postal services to distribute paper materials to students who could hardly have reached school. Free Certificate Courses

The second note from the Ministry of Education mentioned above asks us to use third generation distance learning, born in the mid-eighties and based on the interaction between all the participants in the educational project as a central element. It is precisely in this, in fact, that it distinguishes itself from the systems that preceded it. The use of new technologies alone is not enough to account for the change.

🤓  Free Certificate Courses  In addition, I add that it is unthinkable to assign tasks and activities to be carried out with the same timing as the tasks during the activity in presence. ✅ 🔥

At this stage it is necessary to extend delivery times to take into account, especially in the initial phase, the necessary «waste of time» to learn the use of the technologies necessary for distance learning. Free Certificate Courses

One of the most frequently asked questions is «once I have learned how to use technology, in this case technology for distance learning, how can I use it?»

With these brief notes, I would like to answer the previous question by providing indications, work paths to «correctly» introduce the use of technologies for distance learning.

🔥   Free Certificate Courses  In these notes I will focus on a synchronous communication methodology, namely the chat. 🤑

Face-to-face communication with students is an integral part of the educational process.

We all pay particular attention to our gestural habits aware that this can make the teaching material more interesting and can better involve students in the educational process.

✨  Gesture is also important when reinforcing student communication. Free Certificate Courses 💥

Following the children’s utterances at the right pace spreads a climate of attentive listening that facilitates communication.

For this reason, special attention is required when switching to distance learning.

The theoretical approach of reference is that of collaborative learning in the peer group and the construction of knowledge. Free Certificate Courses

The chat is a synchronous communication that is in real time and it is necessary for two or more people to be present at the same time within the «room» in order to chat (chat). The chat content exists only «now and here». Free Certificate Courses

Usually chats are automatically archived for later viewing (sometimes it is necessary to have appropriate privileges). Since the chat in an eLearning system is used by small groups for example by the members of the «virtual class» it is possible, easily, to monitor the messages. Free Certificate Courses.

🥇 Free Certificate Courses, the useful platforms for distance learning. A necessity and a methodology  🙂  

Free Certificate Courses : The actuality of these days brings to the fore the burning issue, in some ways, Free Certificate Courses  of the inadequate training of a large part of the teaching staff who, today like it or not, would be forced to deal with those online sharing tools (for a inclusive teaching and, in this case, substitute for face-to-face lessons). Free Certificate Courses

🤓  Teachers who, overnight, should activate or, in some cases, only work on teaching platforms. Free Certificate Courses  ✅

Today it is only a necessity of today even if, in fact, we should think around them as a Learning Management System methodology which is part of the freedom of teaching guaranteed, and therefore not authorized by the Italian Constitution. Free Certificate Courses

Was there a need for a DPCM to place at the center of the scientific, pedagogical and methodological debate, the theme of the so-called Virtual classrooms, on which many have been working for some time and on which we are confronted? Free Certificate Courses

There was certainly no need for, Free Certificate Courses to talk about virtual classes and tutorials, but the health emergency, first of all, but also cultural and educational, is forcing many closed schools to experiment with remote lessons. Sometimes improvising, other times by channeling all the synergies available to an institution to prepare an organic platform at the service of teaching. Despite the urgency, there are many institutes that are being organized. Also to ensure that these «forced absences» from school, connected to the health emergency, not only in Italy, are transformed into extended holidays for pupils (and teachers, sometimes).

🔥   Free Certificate Courses Too long. 🤑

First of all, the Ministry of Education has thought of giving a hand to teachers since, rightly, it has inserted the formula of the Prime Ministerial Decree «that school managers activate, for the entire duration of the suspension of teaching activities in schools, teaching methods at a distance, with particular attention to the specific needs of students with disabilities «. The main innovation ensured by the ministry concerns precisely the distance learning on which the minister wished to focus rightly. As already stated several times on our pages, teachers and school leaders who are interested can in the meantime connect to the page activated on purpose at  Free Certificate Courses  He warned the ministry that «All those who want to support schools can do so by adhering to the two calls published by the Ministry last Friday which also contain the necessary technical parameters». For more information click on the Free Certificate Courses The same ministry, before traveling into the varied sea of ​​the Learning Management System,  

Before introducing you to some platforms to which you can register, I would like to remind you that e-learning is the complex of learning dynamics, not always structured and not always supported, that each teacher, thanks to his or her freedom of teaching (must not be approved by no college of teachers, of course) can implement to structure the multiple applications provided by the internet in order to implement what are called e-learning dimensions and which in fact contribute, in the school of attention to each and every one, to ensure that teaching is inclusive and, therefore, truly suitable for every pupil. And the reference goes to connectivity, flexibility, interactivity, the extension of possibilities (strengthening Free Certificate Courses.

✨  It allows teachers to involve their students, Free Certificate Courses creating virtual classrooms and work groups. 💥

to communicate in real time, to share digital resources and to collaborate in the construction of their e-portfolio. Free Certificate Courses

 Available free of charge for all schools (Primary, Secondary of I and II degree). Socloo has made technology simple with a professional tool designed specifically for teaching. Italian. Interdisciplinary. Inclusive. Its characteristics: it does not weigh on the budget of the School and Families, but finds the funds to support me through the involvement of Bodies and Companies; accepts the registration only of teaching staff, who will be contacted by telephone, identified and authorized. Or you can enroll the Digital Animator who will guarantee the identity of the teachers of your school.  Free Certificate Courses.

✅   We video Free Certificate Courses MORE INFORMATION  🔥

Free Certificate Courses  : Wevideo is also a free online editor, only 2 GB of storage space is available for users and videos can be exported up to 720p. Free Certificate Courses  The graphical interface is clear and easy to understand even for less experienced users; videos can be rotated, inverted or cropped, and an infinite number of effects can be added and applied directly to the video. There are also transactions to merge multiple videos and photos together. Free Certificate Courses

Loopster is also an interesting computer program, although it doesn’t have as many features for editing video, it’s still better than some online video editing. The graphical interface is well made and makes it look like a professional editing tool, you can add text, cut parts and work with audio files, you can even enter transactions.

Magisto is an online editing tool, you can only upload 10 videos, 10 photos or 1 GB of data, the overall length of the video must not exceed 15 minutes, after uploading, you can choose the style of the editing and a soundtrack. It is not possible to cut, crop or add text, so it is recommended for those users who just want to style their videos without further editing. Free Certificate Courses

🙂   Free Certificate Courses  Shotcut 🥇

It is a complete program, even if the graphical interface is a little more complex, born for the Linux platform, it has nothing to envy to paid programs, it really has everything you need to make a quality and professional video . The only initial problem may be the difficulty of use, but after a while learning it will be easy to make quality videos.

We are talking about one of the most famous free software from Apple, it offers a basic level of video editing, for which you can crop, rotate, merge and cut, you can change the speed of a part of the video, all done with suggestions editor. You can select existing templates, but there are few options for editing text and other details. Free Certificate Courses

🤑  Free Certificate Courses  Windows Movie Maker 🤓

Impossible not to mention Window Movie Maker, which offers so many video editing functions, you can also add narration voice over the video using the integrated record button. However, there are not many effects and animations available for videos. Free Certificate Courses

Video Toolbox

Video ToolBox is another totally free online video editing tool. The program provides basic features for professional editing, you can trim or trim down the videos, crop, merge several and add watermark to some more particular videos.

A very interesting solution, also suitable for less experienced Youtube users who want to try their hand at editing. Free Certificate Courses

The Black Magic program is a complete solution, especially if you have to change the color of the images, the basic version offers many features that go beyond photo correction.

Being a professional tool, it requires a period of learning to understand its full functioning, but at the end you will have in your hands a powerful tool with which to make beautiful videos.

HitFilm is an excellent program that is also used a lot in the professional field, the free version contains many features of the PRO version, you can create and edit videos and create complex compositions, with many effects and transactions. In addition, it allows you to handle and work on 3D videos and correct the color of images, two very useful features for those who want to do advanced editing. Free Certificate Courses

Avidemux is a very simple program to use, a free video editing software for users who do not have too many pretensions, useful for making some small changes, their main feature is to edit clips quickly. The major video editing features are included, the only flaw is related to the graphic interface and the organization of the features, a bit difficult to find, but otherwise it is definitely a good solution for those who need to do some tests. . Free Certificate Courses

💥  Lightworks Free Certificate Courses 🔥

Lightworks is one of the most popular video editing programs out there right now. It is a solution aimed at professional users. In this case, the user interface is simple and more functional. Available in both the free and Pro version, the difference is that if you want to export video with resolution higher than 720p, you will need to purchase the Pro version. Free Certificate Courses

A roundup of programs aimed at allowing teachers, in this particular moment, to continue looking their students in the eye. A similar pleasant sensation never abandoned by the many learners, especially if of the basic cycle, to continue to find, in the reassuring gaze of the teacher, the author’s guide Free Certificate Courses.

🥇 Free Certificate Courses Distance learning: Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Lifesize compared. Advantages and disadvantages 🙂

Free Certificate Courses : Collaboration and communication strategies are the basis for a constructive organization of distance learning Free Certificate Courses requires that the teacher programs and a real lesson to train students at a distance and not just assign exercises, repetitions or new topics to study. Free Certificate Courses

🤓  The use of this form of teaching involves the adoption of technologies very often unknown to the users of the teachers. Free Certificate Courses  ✅ 

Solutions for video conferencing, widely used by large companies, offer different types of support, depending on the needs: whether you want to prioritize the cost, or whether you are aiming at the security, reliability and assistance of the service used.

The choice to make can actually become very difficult in a moment of «emergency» like this. It is possible to reconcile the different needs to arrive at the most suitable tool among the various applications on the market.


🔥  Free videoconferencing apps Free Certificate Courses 🤑

There are many apps that offer free video conferencing service, despite being created for corporate teamworking or business collaboration purposes. Below you will find a list of the best currently on the market available for both computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) – and of which we will analyze features, advantages and disadvantages. Free Certificate Courses

The best video conferencing app is definitely the one from Google. The best example of consumer-oriented software, widely used for years for the business sector. It allows complete integration with all other Google applications: Gmail, Google Calendar, etc … The only flaw is that it allows only 10 users to connect at the same time. In the Meet version, however, it is possible to make a simultaneous audio and video connection for up to 250 people. Free Certificate Courses

Advantages: Integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, works with Chrome through plugins.

Disadvantages: It does not support two streams at the same time, some users complain about the quality and reliability of the connection.

The Microsoft app offers tools for both private users and companies. Videoconferencing is possible from a computer (by downloading the installation package) and from mobile devices (by downloading the app). It is possible to connect, even in this case 10 users at the same time, there is the possibility of accessing a directory of people (automatically generated by Microsoft) where it is possible to search for all users registered to the service. Free Certificate Courses

✨   Benefits: familiar user experience, for anyone who uses Skype to connect with family members, integrations of additional connectable users possible in paid versions Free Certificate Courses 💥

Disadvantages: requires you to download an application, it can be considered unprofessional because it is widely used for private conversations, advanced features available upon subscription to a premium subscription Free Certificate Courses

Zoom Free Certificate Courses

Zoom offers a reduced service for group video calls that is quite satisfactory. Allows the choice of different types of plans (both free and paid). On Basic plans, it allows users to make 40 minute calls with few features like screen sharing, local recording, meeting rooms and camera filters.

Advantages: Simple subscription, includes basic registration, supports calls to 100 users at the same time.

Disadvantages: requires a downloadable application, uses only the English language, all calls are not encrypted, calls have a maximum limit of about 40 minutes, no possibility to check spam or bandwidth Free Certificate Courses


Lifesize is widely used software for video conferencing. On the market for about twenty years, it has always aimed at an intuitive and quality service. For its use it is necessary to open a free account, you can use a videoconferencing service that allows the maximum participation of 25 users, without the need to download or install software.

It is possible to register for the service by accessing this link, entering your name, email and password. Registration must only be made by the person administering the videoconference (teacher or class coordinator); other users, defined as «guests», will only click an invitation link. Access to the platform is guaranteed both from computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Free Certificate Courses

Benefits: No download or installation required, unlimited conference duration, screen sharing, high video quality, based on a global cloud network, end-to-end security and encryption enabled by default (even on public networks). Free Certificate Courses

Disadvantages: It is possible to increase the number of conference participants up to 300 users, integrations to video systems are available Free Certificate Courses.

💥   I will be learning 10 new words every day Short online courses with certificate 🔥

Short online courses with certificate  : 10 new words every day – that’s 3,650 words a year! Lots of people say that native English speakers have 10,000 words on average it will take less than three years to achieve by learning 10 words every day Even if you aim to learn 5 words every day, you will learn more than 1500 words per year. Short online courses with certificate

So Short online courses with certificate  where do you find all of those words? Reading is a great way to find new vocabulary. Reading newspapers in English will provide you with a lot of new English words every day. Many newspapers are free to read on the Internet and even have video or audio sections for you to practice your listening skills.

🔥   Short online courses with certificate I’ll stop an old, petrified bug every week 🤑

Old Short online courses with certificate  and fossilized mistakes are mistakes that we always make in our conversations and writing. We all have these problems and everyone makes slightly different mistakes.

Ask your teacher about the mistakes you make often and focus on correcting one of them every week. For example, if you often Short online courses with certificate  forget past tense formulas, check each piece you wrote again for past tense mistakes.

Focusing on one thing at a time really helps Short online courses with certificate  fix these errors and because you are only focusing on one thing at a time, it will be easier to remember to do as you speak.


🤓 I will practice English for at least 20 minutes every day Short online courses with certificate  ✅

20 minutes a day that doesn’t sound like much, does it? However, it will really help you improve your language practice for short, but frequent periods of time, which is great because it helps you remember Short online courses with certificate  all the things you learned in class and will not forget them before the next class date.

Do you have any English language decisions that you would like to make? Would you like to try one of these decisions? Let us know about your plans for the New Year by using the following comments section. Short online courses with certificate.

An application to learn the English language Short online courses with certificate

The English language is the most widespread and most used around the world in various fields and sectors, and accordingly, studying and mastering that language in writing, speaking and listening is no longer an option, but rather has become a prerequisite for being able to move forward and achieve a better career, but this is always hindered by the lack of The ability to study full time or find the right time, and the EF English Live learning app is the perfect solution to that problem.

EF English Live School offers an application to learn the English language that is the most flexible way to be able to master the English language, as it enables the student to fully manage his time and helps him to benefit from the school’s resources and educational services provided by it around the clock; Where it is possible to convert your tablet computer into a live classroom, and the application is available free of charge and exclusively for our students and is available in more than one version compatible with various digital operating systems, whether IOS or Android system.

🙂 ⌚  The most flexible and effective English learning application Short online courses with certificate 🥇

The educational application provided by EF English Live School is the best application to teach the English language because it was originally designed with a style that gives the student the highest degree of flexibility and enables him to fully manage his time and study at the times that he sets himself in accordance with his daily task schedule.

The entire content of the school is provided through the application of learning English, including audio and visual lessons that extend for hundreds of hours, in addition to various interactive activities, allowing the student to learn English easily with EF English Live and benefit from its services 24 hours a day without interruption.