▷【 Subsidy of housing】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

✅ In this way you can opt for the various housing subsidy programs granted by the financing entity Subsidy of housing 🙂

Subsidy of housing  : The financing institution Mi Casa Ya has several housing subsidies in order to provide the opportunity for many households to have the possibility of acquiring housing, these housing subsidy programs are adjusted to the needs of families, which means that the chances of fulfilling the dream of buying a property are now greater,

💥 Subsidy of housing among the subsidy programs offered by Mi Casa Ya are: 🔥

 My House Now

 My House Already Savers

 Mi Casa Ya down payment

 Interest rate subsidies

 Housing subsidies from the compensation fund

 Mi Casa Ya Habitacional Leasing

🤑 See these are the requirements that you must meet to opt for any of the housing subsidies offered by Subsidy of housing  🤓

All programs that are intended for housing subsidies must meet certain requirements in order to access them, in the case of housing subsidies granted by Mi Casa You can now opt for any of these programs as long as you comply with the following requirements:

 Applicants must not have previously received any type of subsidies, this program is looking for more families can acquire their property

 Nationality is an influential factor when opting for any of the subsidies granted by the Mi Casa Ya subsidy program, it is essential that the applicant has Colombian nationality

 Maximum amounts for the acquisition of housing, it is aimed at those families that are within the middle or low social strata, it also has high percentages, these percentages allow potential beneficiaries to be owners of either social interest housing (VIS ) and priority social housing (VIP)

 The applicant can start the process by himself since this program does not require intermediaries

 Other requirements that the financial institution may demand

These are the steps to follow to apply for any of the subsidies offered by the financial entity Subsidy of housing


😂  The steps to follow to apply for any of the subsidies offered by the financing entity Mi Casa Ya are the following: ✨

1. The applicant for the subsidy must first choose the home, it is recommended that the applicant at the time of choosing the home, evaluate if it is within their means, taking into account the current legal monthly income received. Do not waste time looking for a property that does not fit your economic possibilities

2. In the second step, the applicant must choose the type of subsidy

3. The opting party must choose the financial institution that grants credit

4. Once you have completed the processing by the financial institution, you must continue with the initial fee

5. The credit history, it is important that the possible beneficiary has this requirement, at this point the opting party must take into account that he has a favorable credit history.

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