▷【 Subsidy of housing】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

🙂 Dare to apply for the subsidies for a dignified house, a dignified life Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing  : The subsidy program casa dignna, vida dignna, is an initiative that the Colombian government has implemented in order to considerably reduce the housing deficit, and at the same time it seeks to provide full support to those people who have not yet completed the process. For the legalization of housing, all those who opt for the subsidy will enjoy the benefits of processing the land titling in order for people to be the legitimate owners, they will also be able to access intra-residential public services, they will be able to carry out the remodeling and finishing of structures that are in a state of disrepair and will ultimately also serve to transform the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

🤓 Subsidy of housing  The people who are beneficiaries can receive an aid that is between approximately 4,400    ✅


usd per family, which must be invested appropriately for the improvement or remodeling of the home and thus be able to reduce the poverty index and be able to provide a better quality of life for many Colombian families who are in a state of vulnerability and thus improve their quality of life.

💥 These are the requirements to qualify for the subsidies decent house, dignified life   🤑 🔥

• People who wish to apply for the subsidy must have a maximum of two current legal minimum income wages.

• The applicants cannot be found in the system as beneficiaries of family subsidies previously, this implies that if you have already received a subsidy from the State or part of any of the institutions that grant these benefits, they will not be able to apply.

• It is important that you bear in mind that those selected must have a home and that it must be in a state of disrepair or that it does not meet the minimum standards of habitability.

Regarding the neighborhoods or areas, they must take into account that to make the application they must meet the following requirements:

• Neighborhoods or areas cannot be affected by public works, which means that if the neighborhood or area to apply is classified as a risk area or is a protected environmental area, it may not be chosen as a possible beneficiary of the home subsidy. dignified, dignified life.

• It is essential that the neighborhood or area for which the benefit is requested has the availability of aqueducts or electrical networks in order to guarantee the possibility that all families can have access to public services.

😂 Those neighborhoods or areas that are selected, the entity in charge of granting the Subsidy of housing   ✨

benefit in this case the Ministry of Housing, will proceed to make the call in order to open the application process, households must record the requirements that the entity demand in order to be able to evaluate each of the applications to be able to choose the families that will receive the subsidy dignified house, dignified life, you already know how the subsidy works, do not miss the opportunity to improve your living conditions.

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