▷【 Subsidy of housing】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

🥇 Did you know that Subsidy of housing grants loans to buy a home to salaried, independent 😂

Subsidy of housing : and retired employees, here we leave you the information and the requirements that each of the groups needs to request them Subsidy of housing.

Subsidy of housing opens the possibility that Colombian families can opt for a loan for the purchase of a home among the people who can apply for these loans are wage earners, independent workers and retirees or pensioners for this they must meet the requirements that this bank entity requests and in this way they can start the process and be the beneficiary of this financing plan, among the conditions that Subsidy of housing

✅   Subsidy of housing establishes to be able to access these financing methods is: 🙂

• All credit applicants must be of legal age from 18 years of age

• It is essential that they have a stable work activity

• In case the applicants have a credit experience, this must be well managed.

• The fees will exceed 30% of the income of the family nucleus

• All the processing as regards the degree studies, the optants must bear in mind that this must be carried out by experts and lawyers who are duly authorized by the bank.

In this way you can start the loan process to buy a home offered by Subsidy of housing

The first thing that people interested in applying for a home purchase loan have to do is enter the Subsidy of housing web portal, there they can fill out the form, they must fill in each of the spaces with the information that the bank requests, it is important to keep in mind that as regards the signature and fingerprint, it must be completed in the presence of the bank official, once you have filled out the form and it is properly filled out, you will only have to print both sides on a letter-type sheet and proceed to meet the requirements to deliver all the documentation to the Subsidy of housing offices

🤑  This is the basic documentation you need to qualify for the home purchase credits offered by Subsidy of housing 🤓


Among the required documentation that both employees or salaried employees, independent workers and retirees must provide are:

• They must make the request for the credit service or financing method

• All groups must present the identity document with a photostatic copy which must be printed at 150% scale.

• They must have on hand the certificate of tradition and freedom of the home they have selected for the purchase, it must be valid for no less than 30 days

• They must submit the appraisal application and proof of payment for the home they wish to buy, at this point it is important to keep in mind that this procedure must be carried out by the experts authorized by Subsidy of housing

• And finally they must fill out the form for credit for the purchase of the home

These are the other requirements that the interested parties must present to qualify for the home purchase loan

🔥 💥  Employees or wage earners must present in addition to the above requirements, they will have to provide the following documentation: ✨

• Proof of work with time not less than 30 days, it must indicate the type of seniority, type of contract and salary received

• Payment vouchers for the last 3 months

Independent workers must submit the following additional documentation

• The income statement of the last taxable year this in the event that this is a declarant

• The receipts of the bank movements of the last 3 months Pensioners or retirees must provide proof of the last payment received

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