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Increase YouTube views for free, are you looking for it? You are in the right place.

YouTube YouTube is the second largest website in the world, and the second largest search engine in the world. It is also used by almost 2 billion people on a monthly basis

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not only this! In fact, YouTube’s advertising revenue exceeded $ 5 billion , only in the last quarter of 2020 Online Certificate Programs

YouTube revenue for 2020

People love YouTube so much!  Online Certificate Programs

All these numbers demonstrate the power of this marketing channel in the world of digital marketing , and whether you are a marketer, content maker or even a beginner and want to increase your YouTube channel views for free, you should know that the process will take time and effort; However, if you do it right, you will be rewarded with more views and many new followers!

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to point out all the easy wins that will boost your YouTube channel’s presence, and we’ll also detail some of the more advanced methods that professionals around the world use to increase YouTube views for free on their channels.

So, what is the way to increase Youtube views? Or rather, how can you increase YouTube video views? Here are the top tips for increasing YouTube views.

🔥  Ways to increase YouTube views Online Certificate Programs 🤑

1. Improve channel information

The first advice to increase followers of the YouTube channel is to appear correctly and fill in the channel information in the right way and clearly for viewers, and to introduce potential followers to the goals of the channel and the significance of the videos that you will / you publish.

There are many aspects to improving a channel, the most important of which are:

A clear image of the channel logo  Online Certificate Programs

Unique channel cover design

Add contact information in the introductory section (About the channel)

Add an attractive meta description

Try to use every part of the YouTube channel to help followers understand the channel, especially in the introductory section (About the channel). Add accounts of other communication platforms that you own and e-mails. It is possible to add a work phone number, and do not forget to use the relevant keywords in the description Channel Induction.

For example, on the Selfie Sport channel of the distinguished Mohamed Awad, Online Certificate Programs you will notice the presence of social media accounts and a clear profile of the channel in addition to the inclusion of the e-mail.

✨     About example for increasing YouTube channel views 💥 Online Certificate Programs

For designing photos, you can use free tools like Canva , which has ready-made templates for YouTube channel logo and cover as well! Before uploading, Online Certificate Programs check the dimensions of the images .

2. Target a specific audience

We know that you are here to find out the most important tactics and tricks to increase the number of YouTube views and not to hear this academic talk (somewhat), however, identifying the target audience is a central point for Online Certificate Programs creating a clear strategy to grow your channel and increase the number of views!

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