▷【 Online Certificate Programs 】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

🥇 During the hosting selection process you should consider Online Certificate Programs: 🔥

Online Certificate Programs : Vps hosting  is a small «virtual» server that provides more power and control than shared hosting (and less than dedicated hosting). It is a more expensive solution than shared, but cheaper than dedicated servers , while offering many of the same benefits of dedicated.

✅ 😂  How to choose hosting for your WordPress blog Online Certificate Programs 🙂

The cost – what will be your available budget per month.

Loading speed – Speed ​​is very important, especially for mobile users.

Availability – Uptime – you do not want your blog to fall and lose visitors.

Install WordPress with 1 click – you do not need technical knowledge and you save time.

Backup, daily – to restore your WordPress blog to its previous state at any time.

Technical Support  – to keep your head calm and focus on writing articles.

d. Web hosting from € 3.95 / month for small blogs

DNHOST GROW web hosting package is a very good and economical choice to host your WordPress blog, because it provides you with all the privileges you need to get started.

* You have the ability to upgrade your hosting package to a more powerful one at any time.

** The listed price does not include VAT 24%.

A few minutes after purchasing the package, you will receive an activation email with the login details for Plesk panel (your hosting control panel) and Name Servers (you will need them to connect the hosting to the domain you registered earlier.

🤑  Connect the domain name to the hosting Online Certificate Programs 🤓

Log in to your Account at my.dnhost.gr

Go to Control Panel and then select «Domains»

Click the domain you previously registered for your wordpress blog.

In the domain data select «Name servers» and then «Change servers»

From the «Available options» , select «I want to declare DNHOST servers»

Add the Name Servers you received to the hosting activation email  and click save.

 Your domain connection to hosting is complete. (It may take up to 48 hours for all ISPs to be notified of new Name Servers.)

Step 3 – Install WordPress

a. What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and the best choice for blogging.

✨ Online Certificate Programs  WordPress is the best choice for Blogging because: 🔥 💥

It is very easy to learn and use.

It has many tools and plugins for organizing and writing articles.

It offers a wide variety of free and premium themes to choose from for the design of your wordpress blog.

It has the largest support community (compared to competing joomla, drupal etc.).

Find here all the tools for an easy start with WordPress !

b. How to install WordPress on your Hosting package

Follow the detailed instructions for installing wordpress in Plesk  .

c. How to log in to WordPress

Once the WordPress installation is complete, you will receive an email with the url and login details (username & password) to enter the admin (control panel) of the wordpress blog .

If you do not find the email with the login details in the inbox, please check your spam.

d. Browse the WordPress blog control panel

The WordPress control panel is the interface from which you can control everything, from its appearance to the comments of visitors.

😂  How to set up a WordPress blog Online Certificate Programs ✨

a. Give it a name

Select » Settings» from the left menu   and then » General» to complete:

The Title (eg toblogmou.gr)

The Subtitle (eg Getaways in the Province)

b. Set up permanent links (friendly url or permalinks)

From » Settings» , go to » Permanent links»  and then select the type «article name» . This option will help search engines find your wordpress blog articles more easily .

* Permalinks (or friendly urls) are the words that appear in the urls of articles or pages.

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