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💥 Online Certificate Programs 5- Do not copy your CV in the motivation letter ✨

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Many fall into this trap, Online Certificate Programs  as instead of striving to present an interesting picture of themselves in the motivation letter, Online Certificate Programs  they simply copy everything in their CV, and it is true that additional value should be given to the CV by clarifying some of the points mentioned in the CV and talking about New things not previously mentioned. Always know that both the CV and the motivation letter are two documents that complement each  other and do not have to be opposite or exactly the same. Online Certificate Programs

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🔥 Online Certificate Programs  6- Make your message balanced 🤑

It is true that you have to show yourself in the best way in the motivation letter in order to Online Certificate Programs convince the reader of the letter that you are the best person for the opportunity presented to it, but at the same time make sure that you do not appear arrogant and arrogant, and at the same time do not appear self-confident and do not underestimate yourself. Try to create a balance that makes you express your skills and potential, but with humility. Online Certificate Programs

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🤓 7- Express your motivation Online Certificate Programs ✅

If you see this scholarship, volunteer opportunity, or training as your ideal opportunity, express that and explain to the reader of the letter the reason why you think you are the best candidate, and that this opportunity is the most suitable for you. Take a look at the benefits of a scholarship or training for which you are applying and talk about how these benefits match your skills and experience.

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8- Support your message with evidence and evidence

Instead of using rigid phrases expressing your skills and experiences, make sure to present evidence and proof of what you say, such as mentioning how your leadership abilities contributed to the success of your graduate project, or the impact of your volunteer work in improving your community … etc. If not, at least explain why you think you have certain skills. If you consider yourself a person who cares about time and order, give examples that support your point of view. Online Certificate Programs

🙂  9- Talk about your career future Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Do not hesitate to put yourself in the future and talk about your aspirations and your  Online Certificate Programs professional and academic goals that you seek to achieve, and explain how the opportunity you are presenting will help you reach your goal. Online Certificate Programs

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10. Avoid mistakes Online Certificate Programs

This applies to all official documents and correspondence, as it must always be read and made sure that they are free of errors in their forms (spelling, grammatical, linguistic … etc.) before sending them. In this case, you can use the audit programs and sites spread on the Internet, or offer the message to one of your acquaintances to read it before you send it.

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Online Certificate Programs  You can also view the following sample motivation letter, which will help you formulate your letter in a proper way, but you must always remember the need to add your own touch and express Yourselves honestly, as this is what makes your message distinct and unique, ensuring that you get the opportunity that you aspire to. Online Certificate Programs

Motivation letter samples Online Certificate Programs