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🙂 Steps to create a website Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Online Certificate Programs : Tired of Online Certificate Programs constantly searching on the Internet for how to create a website without reaching what you want? I know this feeling, there are many articles and answers about creating a website in the search engine results pages , but unfortunately there is no clear evidence of how to create a website that you can rely on.

That is why we have created this detailed guide in Arabic about the steps to create a website, in order to be a reference for all people who are looking for the right way and the clear and simple steps to create a website! are you ready? let’s go.

In this guide, we will talk about ways to create a website on the Internet, and to make it easier for you, we have divided these methods into three main methods, which are:

🤓 Create a free website Online Certificate Programs ✅

Create a paid website using website builders

Create a website on WordPress

Before going into the steps of each method of creating websites, I advise you to read the article types of websites and take a general idea to understand the basics of creating websites and their forms.

Create a free website

There are many who are looking for steps to create a free website or are wondering about how to create a website for free, and is there a way to create a free website? If you are one of those, the answer is simply yes! You can create a site for free, but it should be noted that there are weaknesses that you will face:

You cannot use your own domain name.

Fewer design templates.

Your free site will contain ads for the site builder.

A specific number of products to display if you intend to set up an online store.

Less features and functions.

Slow speed website.

🔥 Disadvantages of the free site Online Certificate Programs 🤑

If you want to create a simple and functional website, then a free website is the solution for you.

Steps to create a free website

Choose the right tool for creating the site

Log in to the tool’s website

Choose the free plan

Choose the right template for your site idea

Start designing your site

Publish your website

Steps to create a free website

You may be wondering now what are the best free website creation tools? 

Answer, there are many, but here are some

✨ If you want to create a free blog, you can review the Online Certificate Programs following guides: 💥

Create a blog on Blogger

Create a blog on Tumblr

At any time, you can go to the list of top tools for creating websites to learn more tools for creating free sites.

Create a paid website Online Certificate Programs

Today anyone can create a website, regardless of the level of technical skill they possess, we know that it may seem like a daunting task, but there are tools available today to facilitate this process, these tools are called website builders!

So what’s the way to create a website with website builders? To create a website using the website builder tools you have to follow the following steps.

What are the steps to create a website using website builders?

Choose the right tool to create your website

Log in and choose the package according to your budget and needs

Choose a unique and appropriate domain name

Choose the design template you like

Customize your site template design

Upload and format your content

Preview and test your website

Publish your website on the Internet

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