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🥇 Logging into WordPress from Bluehost Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs : After the download process finishes, Bluehost will show you your WordPress login information (name and password). Now log in to WordPress by clicking on the Log in to WordPress button.

🤓  Online Certificate Programs Welcome to WordPress!  ✅

Choose a custom template Online Certificate Programs

Here the fun begins! It’s time to choose your own WordPress theme, there are thousands of free templates in the WordPress theme section, from the main menu on the right of the screen if you are using Arabic choose Appearance and then Templates .

Selecting WordPress themes Online Certificate Programs

Choose a new add and enjoy the thousands of templates available in WordPress, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to find a custom template, for example if you want to create a commercial website use the search word (Bussiniess) or if you want to create a website for a news site enter the word News, and it will appear You have customized templates according to the search word entered. * Search in English *

Add new themes in WordPress

Do not fear anything! You can install and preview any template you want! As I told you before, templates are like pieces of clothing, choose the right thing – to your taste –

Installing themes in WordPress

Choose installation and then choose activation , in this way your website will have a distinct template, if you want to customize and modify the template all you have to do is click on the Customize button and a new screen and a main menu will appear for you on the right side to modify and customize the site’s colors, menus, etc., after Finish editing. Do not forget to click on the Publish button in the upper corner of the screen.

🔥 Customize themes in WordPress Online Certificate Programs 🤑

Create and customize the content and pages of your site

Since WordPress is a content management system, you need to understand how to organize content on this tool.

The content on WordPress sites is mainly divided into two types:


Articles Posts

Both of them depend on the theme of your chosen theme.

🔥  Pages are single static pages that form the backbone of your website, Online Certificate Programs such as:  💥


About us page

Privacy page

To create new pages, all you have to do is go to the Pages section in the main menu and choose Add New

Articles, are the new posts on your site, or if your site contains a blog, every entry in that blog will be a new article or post.

To create new posts in WordPress, go to Articles and then choose Add New .

In both cases, after clicking Add New, you will be taken to the WordPress editor, and there you can add, edit and format the content you want, in addition to previewing and publishing.

WordPress Editor Online Certificate Programs

To add pages to your main list, you only need to go to » Appearance » and then » Lists «. From there you can select the pages that appear in the list that you want, and you can create new lists if you want.

Adding lists in WordPress Online Certificate Programs

Useful plugins

One of the most important features Online Certificate Programs of WordPress.org is the presence of many plugins that help you create your website and run it the way you want. You can add or remove plugins easily, which makes trying these plugins simple.

There are tens of thousands of plugins! For everything from SEO to help compressing images, each plugin has its own page on the WordPress community site that you can browse, read reviews, user comments, and more.

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