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🥇 Remove index.php from Joomla’s URL Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs : Does Joomla  display the annoying  index.php on every URL of the pages you create? You can easily remove it from the URLs of your Joomla site.

In Joomla you can create search engine friendly URLs.

Thus a url of the format http://domain.gr/index.php/test-article can be converted to http://domain.gr/test-article by following the steps below.

🤓  The steps for  Joomla 2.5.x  and Joomla 3.x are Online Certificate Programs: ✅

Get into the management of your Joomla.

Website > General Settings>  SEO Settings

( Site>  Global Configuration> SEO Settings)

Search Engine Friendly URL > Yes

( Search Engine Friendly URLs  > Yes)

Add patches to URLs > Yes

( Use URL Rewriting>  Yes)

Click Save to apply the changes.

Rename (or verify that it is already in this format) the htaccess.txt file in your Joomla! Central folder to .htaccess

You have succeeded in removing index.php from every URL on your Joomla site!

🤑 Comments Online Certificate Programs: 🔥

To host on a Windows server with IIS 7, rename  web.config.txt to web.config and install or verify that the IIS URL Rewrite Module is enabled.

When Joomla is not installed in the root directory (root directory, you will usually find it as  / wwwroot / ,  / public_html /  or  / httpdocs / ) then you need to add the RewriteBase bar as follows:

Options + FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase / foldername

In Joomla 2.5.x make sure that in htaccess, there is no ‘#’ symbol before the line containing ‘RewriteBase /

In Joomla! 3.x you do not need to remove ‘#’ from the htaccess file.

✨ Doctoral dissertations on the Internet are free for everyone 💥

The  doctoral dissertations  of  Greek scientists,  a valuable archive and an  important source of knowledge,  are now available open to the public and collected on the site  didaktorika.gr

This is the electronic «roof» of the  National Archive of Doctoral Dissertations  (EADD), where more than  29,000 bibliographic records of dissertations,  systematically documented (with data such as  title, abstract, author, scientific field, educational institution,  committee members, year of doctoral degree , keywords, country, language).

Users can search for the material they are interested in, using  multiple filters,  and easily navigate through the individual fields:  scientific field, institution, author, country, language, date.

More than  20,500 dissertations have access to the full text  of the dissertation – the EADD now includes  4,500,000 digitized pages,  a number that is constantly growing.

In addition to the ability to browse and print per page, users can now save the dissertation in pdf format, after registering in the repository and accepting the relevant terms of use (for personal, non-commercial use or for educational / research purposes ).

Registered users can also  order a doctoral dissertation online in hard copy or on CD / DVD, or express an interest in digitizing / posting the full text of a dissertation not available online.

✨. Daft Punk break records onOnline Certificate Programs  Spotify ✨

» Get Lucky » the new music of Daft Punk  after eight years, Online Certificate Programs is on its way for the 4th week in No. 1 in England and other countries, but from the first day of its release it broke every record of rebroadcasts in the online service Spotify .

Their return in collaboration Online Certificate Programs with Pharrell Williams and Chic guitarist  Nile Rodgers had the greatest demand for overnight streaming in the US and UK on the day of its release.

The Swedish online music website did not release the number Online Certificate Programs of streams for the track but the public relations officer of the service states that “There was never any doubt that Daft Punk’s first single after so many years was going to be one of his biggest singles debuts 2013 ″. «We expect the album to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hits for Spotify this year,» he added.

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