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🥇 Disable wp-cron.php Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs  : It is very important to  disable the wp-cron.php that runs on each new visit, greatly increasing the load for no reason.

If you have e.g. 50 visitors to your wordpress site every hour, and each of them reads 2-3 pages, then wp-cron.php is called every 50 x 2.5 = 125 times an hour or 125 x 24 = 3,000 times a day or 3,000 x 30 = 90,000 times a month!

Open the wp-config.php file (via Plesk -> File Manager or via FTP ), add the following line and then «Save»:

🤓  define (‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true) Online Certificate Programs; ✅

Since this is an important configuration, add it below your database settings:

define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name’);

/ ** MySQL database username * /

define (‘DB_USER’, ‘db_username’);

define (‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, ‘true’);

Next, ask your hosting provider to set up a cron job  (or define the cron job through your hosting management) that will run every 6/12/24 hours , for example , depending on whether you run scheduled posts. or with the number of comments on your blog (eg for 10-20 comments a day, cron can run every 6 hours, not more often).

As a rule, if you check your site once a day, then run wp-cron.php once a day.

If you receive  a lot of spam comments and for example, Akismet does not catch them all, then you can set wp-cron.php to run every 6 hours.

If you do not plan posts and do not often have new comments, then cron can run every 24 hours!

Avoid running the crons in the first minute of the hour, but in a random minute, eg at 33 or 27 minutes, every X hours.

Related articles about wp-cron.php can be found here .

🔥 🔥  Online Certificate Programs Use a CDN 🤑

As a last resort (for sites with  huge traffic, many thousands of simultaneous visitors & wide geographical dispersion of its visitors), you can consider the solution of a  CDN , such as Cloudflare (which will pull data from your WordPress, which you continue to host normally in your hosting package).

The CDN requires additional configuration and can be very expensive / difficult to configure, so it only fits in cases where even a dedicated or cloud server is not able to serve a site. You will find various articles on CDN   here ,  here  and  here .

💥   Measure the speed of WordPress Online Certificate Programs ✨

Before and after making the above changes, you can control the speed of your WP site and the results of your page acceleration with Page Speed extension (for Chrome & Firefox), Yahoo! YSlow  or with the online tool of Pingdom . Alternatively, you can simply add the following command to the footer.php of your page:

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