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🥇 Online Certificate Programs Here are the 10 BestProgramming companies in Istanbul Free Online Google Education Courses 🙂

Online Certificate Programs  : Did you know that Google provides a wide variety Online Certificate Programs  of free online courses? Google courses cover pretty much everything from digital marketing to Android app development. Some of them come with certified certificates. Online Certificate Programs

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Here are the best educational courses Google has to offer. ✅

1. Principles of digital marketing Online Certificate Programs

Cost: Free – Level: Beginner – Duration: Set by yourself

The digital marketing course is one of the best that Google Online Certificate Programs has to offer for free. It teaches students the concepts of click-through rate, landing page experience, campaign optimization, and return on investment.

You will also Online Certificate Programs  learn the benefits of targeted advertising and understand the technical and cultural challenges affecting the success of online advertising campaigns.

By the end of the course, students will need to pass the AdWords certification exams to become an AdWords professional. This exam is optional, but it is recommended that you pass it. Online Certificate Programs

🤑  2. The mini certificate program in Android principles Online Certificate Programs 🔥

Cost: $ 339 / month – Level: Beginner – Duration: Three months (10 hours / week)

The Android operating system controls about 85% of the global smartphone market share. Online Certificate Programs Given its wide popularity, as we are increasingly moving into an app-driven economy, knowing how Online Certificate Programs to become a developer on the Android platform is a wonderful skill.

The Android Online Certificate Programs  Principles course is only available on the Udacity platform, and it is a self-paced training course aimed at those with no prior coding experience. If you have a personal blog or Online Certificate Programs mini online store that you would like to create an app for, this course will be extremely useful.

The course consists of four subjects: Online Certificate Programs user interface, user input, multi-screen applications, and networking. Throughout these four materials, you will build a complete and efficient Android app.

💥 3. Make money from apps Online Certificate Programs ✨ 😂 🔥  

Cost: Free. Level: Intermediate. Duration: approximately one month

Coming up with the Online Certificate Programs  idea, creating the company, and marketing your product is half the battle. You should also be able to make money from your concept in a sustainable way.

In the digital world, this Online Certificate Programs is hard to do. Traditional sources of income, such as revenue from electronic advertising, are declining in many organizations. The absence of a successful money-making strategy is hindering giant tech companies, most notably Twitter.

This free course on Udacity blends theory and practice with reality. It aims to help you develop, implement and measure the success of your money making strategy.

The four subjects in this course are an introduction to making money, strategies for making money, implementing a money-making plan, and improving the model.

4. Web specialist on mobile devices Online Certificate Programs

Cost: Free ($ 149 for the exam). Level: for beginners. Duration: set by yourself Online Certificate Programs

Gone are the days of logging in to the Web from a desktop computer screen. Today, Online Certificate Programs you can access the sites with everything from the smartwatch to the TV.

The variety of devices that we use to access websites causes a headache for web developers, because websites and web applications should be flexible and responsive.

In the Mobile Web Professionals course, you will learn basic web planning and design, front-end networking, progressive web applications, performance optimization, testing and error handling, and ES2015 concepts.

By the end of the course, you will receive a certified Google certificate, and the final exam consists of coding challenges and a personal interview. The course and the exam together cost $ 149.

5. The mini certification program for Android developer

Cost: $ 339 / month. Level: for experts. Duration: Six months (10 hours / week) Online Certificate Programs

Google offers two mini certification programs for Android. We covered the first one, which is Android principles. This second program is one of the closest experiments to university courses on the Internet from Google.

Before you register, make sure you are familiar with the requirements proposed by Google, which include knowledge of Java, Python, C ++, Git, and GitHub. Google also suggests that you have two years of industry experience.

The program includes interface elements in the splash screen, rich media incorporation, user tests, making and merging libraries, and more.

 : Programming companies in Istanbul …   Programming languages ​​have become one of the most important languages ​​that many people strive to learn and master,   because they are the common denominator in all the technological developments that you see in our time, and perhaps there are many programming companies in Istanbul that have a long history and reputation in this modern field, For more of our site click here

🤓  Programming companies in Istanbul  ✅  

With the scientific development and technological conquest of many different   fields in our daily life, it was imperative that this science be studied on a large scale in Istanbul, so we find many different companies that strive with all vigor to teach people who want to know this science and work in it.

The companies vary in terms of the services they provide,   as we find someone who provides programming of websites, and there are others who specialize in programming various applications, and some companies that program electronic games, and certainly there are major companies specialized in all fields.

🔥    Why learn programming? 🤑

Dear reader,   you should know very well that programming is a language that acts as a mediator between human language and machine language, where you can implement what you want by converting it into a   language that the machine understands so that you can understand it and implement it.

From knowledge that the machine only understands the language of zero and the one “0,1” and this language is very difficult for a person to understand, so there are many  programming languages ​​that a person can learn and understand the machine as well, such as the C ++ language, CI Sharp, the Java language, and the HTML language , And others, so everyone should look for programming companies in Istanbul to be able to keep pace with the times.

Technology got code programming company in Istanbul

  It is considered one of the most important programming companies in Istanbul, and it carries out small and medium businesses, and it has many advantages:

  Website design in various forms inside and outside Istanbul

Offers hosting services

It programs applications for iPhone and Apple

Programming applications for Android systems

Audio video services


Programming games on all different systems

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The best programming companies in Istanbul

Many programming companies in Istanbul compete in providing the best services to citizens. Programming is involved in many areas that help generate income, perhaps the most prominent of these means is web design, so you must go to one of those companies that are able to make a special design for you.

We find that the best companies include the best programmers and designers who are able to create the best websites and technical applications that can achieve broad goals for their owners, and different design methods can also be learned through those companies that provide learning services.

✨ The work of programming and development companies in Turkey  💥

Programming companies do a lot of work that is not done by the distinguished programmers in these companies, as they implement websites from A to Z, and they also work on developing and updating websites. They have the ability to create different applications that are customized for various purposes depending on the idea that the person wants to implement.

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