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🙂 Free & Premium marketing tools to succeed online Online Certificate Programs! 🥇

Online Certificate Programs : Have you ever wondered if you could do almost the same job as a digital marketing professional with similar results, but without paying?

The answer is YES! We searched a lot and found the best free marketing tools for you ! Fortunately, there are many amazing companies that offer high value solutions, completely free or for a small fee (we also found their paid alternatives).

So we present to you categorized the best free marketing tools to optimize your site, to create impressive graphics, to automate your posts on social media, to increase the interaction with your audience and to research their behavior and much more.

🤓  The Online Certificate Programs main categories of free marketing tools are: ✅





🔥  WEBSITE TOOLS Online Certificate Programs  🤑

1. Traffic & Performance Statistics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is the most popular free tool for statistical and web data. It can give you from simple statistics such as the daily number of visitors to your site to more complex ones , such as the route followed by a user within your site before buying a product.

Other free solutions:

GoSquared (Free for the first 100 visitors / day and 1,000 feeds)


Chartbeat (Ideal for news sites, portals and blogs)

Matomo (With $ 19 / month you can watch up to 5 websites and count up to 50,000 page views)

2. Site functionality optimization: Hotjar


If you want to know how users interact with your site , who clicks, what are heatmaps (maps of the areas of your website where users are active) and you do not exceed 2,000 page views / day, Hotjar is a very good and free solution. With Hotjar you can understand any usability issues that exist on your site and optimize them to provide better use and experience to your visitors.

✨  Other free solutions Online Certificate Programs: 💥

Inspectlet (Free to record 1000 sessions / month)

SumoMe Content Analytics ( Turn visitors into customers)

Appzi (Free for 50,000 sessions / month)

Peek (See via video how a real user uses your site. The tests take about 2-3 days to complete and you can do up to 3 free tests each month)

Google Small Business Marketing Platform (Free details for sites & applications through Data Studio, Surveys, Optimizer, Tag manager etc.)


Crazy egg (From 24 € / month do unlimited a / b testing on up to 3 sites)

Kissmetrics ( Analyze user behavior and give them what they are really looking for)

Optimizely (Do experiments and tests to understand what users want from your page)

3. Search Engine Optimization / SEO: MOZ

To Moz it is a very good tool to check free the value of your domain in the search engines, to check the number of link that leads to your site and see how it works on search engines a piece of your competition. The free version of Moz offers up to 3 reports per day. The paid version offers unlimited references to all your links, keywords and competitors.

Other free suggestions:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Free check up to 500 url, search for broken links etc.)

Keyword Tool (Search for keyword ideas on Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, etc.)


Siteliner (Competition Analysis)

Google My Business (increase your readability and visibility inGoogle search engine and maps )

🔥  Paid Online Certificate Programs: 😂

Moz Pro (Complete SEO analysis, keyword search, link building, site audit and everything you need for your site SEO)

Semrush (With $ 99 / month you have SEO analysis, SEM & many Social Media Marketing tools on up to 5 sites)

4. Improve website speed: GTMetrix

H website loading speed (Website Speed Optimization) is a very important part of both Search Engine Optimization and the user experience is enjoying a fast site. Users are in a hurry, they do not wait even a second longer. They want to find the information right away, easily and quickly because otherwise they will move on to Google’s next result.

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