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Free certificate courses : We provide Magento Hosting that meets the high requirements of Magento in computing power and memory, thanks to our brand new servers, which are specially configured and 100% compatible with the settings and extensions required by Magento hosting.

Hosting Magento eshop on Litespeed servers

We use Litespeed Web Server instead of Apache (which has 99.9% of hosting companies). This seemingly small detail makes a huge difference in the speed, performance, security and stability of the Magento hosting we provide! Learn more about Litespeed web server .

Octa-core Intel servers with 32GB RAM & 15K SAS hard drives

We use Intel servers with processors with 8 cores , 32GB memory & 15,000 rpm SAS hard drives (superior to SCSI / SATA hard drives) in Raid 10, giving you all the power and speed you need. In combination with our policy not to overload our servers, in our Magento Hosting your e-shop will run from 3 to 6 times faster than the average.

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Uninterrupted Email Services

We know very well how important the trouble-free use of your emails is and we apply the most modern and strict security & efficiency practices. In addition to the fast circulation of emails in your Magento hosting , you will have permanent and blacklisting protection, so that you can always send emails to all recipients.

Software Updates

We always install the latest fixed versions of the programs and provide the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Zend Optimizer and whatever else Magento eshop hosting needs to work flawlessly.

Special edition of MySQL

On our servers we run a special version of MySQL specially designed and optimized for maximum performance in the execution of mysql queries. Combined with the 15,000 rpm hard drives we provide extreme performance in MySQL. MySQL Query Cache is enabled and optimized for MAgento and the MySQL kernel is specially configured for Magento database storage.

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Specially formulated PHP for greater speed, performance and security in the Magento hosting we provide. Dozens of tweaks, improvements, modifications and adjustments to PHP running on our servers and our security system, especially to offer top Magento Hosting.

⭐ Upgrades and Technical Support Free certificate courses ⭐

We are not only a hosting company, but also owners of many sites that we have on the same servers  as you. That’s why we keep an eye on our servers. Guaranteed, we are always here to solve the problems in your Magento hosting  , and in combination with all the above, to make your Magento hosting a pleasant and profitable experience.

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