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🥇 Game Based Learning, the use of digital games with educational goals, the world of gamification Free Certificate Courses 🙂

Free Certificate Courses : One of the methodologies we have available is that of Game Based Learning. Free Certificate Courses It is about the use of digital games with educational goals. In this specific case, the videogame becomes the tool that supports, we could say, that underpins the learning processes. And it would do so significantly. GBL (this is the acronym) is undoubtedly an important educational game, in which it is informal and natural and its relationship with learning represents one of the most important sectors of pedagogical and didactic research. Free Certificate Courses

“The gaming cut is now present in many of the digital educational initiatives both for open and commercial projects (free, freenium or” paid “): Minecraft, Khan Academy, Socrative, Duolingo or sites that teach coding and so on. The list of solutions is endless and ranges from solutions with a more playful slant to those with a more purely didactic slant, from serious games to playful activities typically for children. ” Free Certificate Courses

🤓  Free Certificate Courses Another important platform to mention, in the school environment and in particular in primary school, is Learningapps.  ✅


LearningApps is the support of online and interactive teaching Free Certificate Courses is a very intuitive application. Free Certificate Courses

It allows you to create fascinating interactive modules to simplify the learning process. It is accessible to all as it is free even if it is advisable to register if you want to make the creations of the educational and training path shared and public. It is conceivable to create an APP, without having any programming awareness, using a template programmed for the type of module to be created. Shown as a web 2.0 application to support online and interactive teaching, LearningApps is a program developed within the PHBern Higher Institute of Pedagogy in collaboration with the University of Mainz and the University of Zittau-Gorlitz. The project is attributable to a non-profit organization called The application was carried out by professors Prof. Dr. Werner Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlau, Dr. Michael Hielscher and by Prof. Dr. Christian Wagenknecht. “The platform allows to support the didactic activity (for the teachers) and the learning activity (for the students) through small interactive playful modules (crossword puzzles, hanged man, couples, puzzles, timelines, interactive videos etc …) “. It contains, afterwards, an archive of modules already completed, on the different disciplines and for the most varied school orders, which will serve as an example or be used. The LearningApps archive offers about 1,500,000 modules created by teachers and students from all over the planet, which can be used or even copied and modified. “Of course it is also possible to build your own app and share it with students via link, embed code or QR code. LearningApps also allows you to quickly create your own online classes and offers tools to manage teaching activities and communication between group members. The environment also allows you to create real paths, made up of apps (modules, games) and check how much pupils are interacting with them “. Free Certificate Courses

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🔥  The “serious” questionnaires Free Certificate Courses 🤑

Obviously, there are also many environments that offer the opportunity to administer tests and questionnaires in a more suitable environment. Also because, to reiterate it appears superfluous and useless, that is “it is didactically unacceptable, both the activation of educational strategies that are not commensurate with the personal characteristics of the individual students, and the evaluation carried out only at the end of the learning processes, when it is not possible to intervene if not repeating the learning activities: instead of correcting the trajectory while driving, you wait to go off the road to put the vehicle back on the road! ” as Umberto Tenuta reiterates in the scientific article cited above. Free Certificate Courses

The H5P platform tends to respond to the questions raised in the article, for example. H5P is a suite to create interactive learning objects in Questbase which is one of the most complete environments for creating any type of quiz. It is very difficult to report on all those available online also because we believe that a list of platforms (useful to know them, yes, of course) is not as important as a different way of observing the learning process. Free Certificate Courses

An excellent change of background is offered, in this sense, by instrumentality that together, in a sort of mash-up, place the probability of distributing questionnaires and the opportunity to provide solutions in the form, in this last case, of videos. Free Certificate Courses

💥 There are no pupils who cannot learn Free Certificate Courses ✨  

To avoid failures and continuously enable pupils to learn, evaluation in the school environment, for training Free Certificate Courses.

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