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🤑  WHAT IS BACKUP Free certificate courses?  🔥

Free certificate courses : World Backup Day today  and we emphasize the frequent backup of our files and the process of safe storage .

At DNHOST we believe that frequent backup is the A and O for the security of files and the tens of thousands of websites we host. So see below, how to create your own backup routine .

The back up is a second backup of all your important files (photos, videos, documents, emails, etc.) to an additional storage medium (eg external drive, cloud backup service) so that if the original storage medium (h / u, mobile, server) is damaged or corrupted, the files can be recovered immediately.

You can update your backups regularly with automation , such as ifttt.com, zapier.com and automate.io , or set reminders for your backups in a calendar , such as google.com/calendar , zoho.com/calendar and Thunderbird Calendar .

We suggest the name of the backup files and folders to have the date of download and their contents (eg personal_photos_30-3-2020) so that you can easily find what you want.

💥  WHY SHOULD I TAKE BACKUP Free certificate courses ? ✨

Losing your files is much more likely than you think. Here are some real loss opportunities to consider the consequences.

Consider not being able to contact your hosting provider, due to an emergency health issue or because you did not update your contact details with your new mobile or email and did not renew your hosting package. After the expiration of your package, you will lose your valuable files & emails without the possibility of recovery!

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl .

Do you think it would be like if you lost your phone or tablet or if your computer was damaged ? You will lose all your contacts, messages, documents, emails and photos / videos. But if you had taken care very simply to get a backup, you would not have a problem!

The only way to save your personal and / or professional data from such catastrophic scenarios is to have a recent backup of your files!

🔥  Here are some interesting statistics that will help you decide when it’s time to back up your important files Free certificate courses: 😂

1 in 3 people has never taken a backup.

🥇 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute Free certificate courses. 🙂

30% of data losses are caused by error .

1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses every month.

30,000 websites are infected daily.

World Backup Day is the perfect opportunity to securely store your valuable digital files .

✅  WHERE WILL I STORE MY BACKUP Free certificate courses ? 🤓

Most people create backups in one of two ways: on an external drive (offline backup) or on an online storage (server, cloud backup). It’s really easy and you only need to adjust it once, at the beginning!


You will need an external hard drive or USB , preferably larger than your PC. These offline backup media are available everywhere and in a huge variety, they are cheap, portable and very easy to use.

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