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🥇 Distance learning: an opportunity to overcome emotional illiteracy. “Everything will be OK” Free Certificate Courses 🙂

Free Certificate Courses : The drama of the historical period does not manage, in any way, to scratch the imagination of children and very young Italians who, despite the daily war bulletin read by the Civil Protection, manage not only to glimpse a rainbow but also to draw it, coloring it vividly, while it continues to rain outside. Free Certificate Courses

Although the streets are completely deserted, Free Certificate Courses  the shutters, even those of their parents or their friends, are lowered and the schools now closed for two weeks, their creativity not even remotely scratched by health disturbances is starting to live again, to become color, to give back sense and meaning. A strange reality that seems to collide with the worrying spread, only until yesterday, of emotional illiteracy among teenagers and young Italians. Free Certificate Courses

🤓  Phenomenon, to combat which, Free Certificate Courses many schools and many teachers have started (they should all do it) real alternative paths of “Education for emotions”.  ✅

This illiteracy,  in fact, represents a dose of risk and danger for society as a whole. The exclusion or marginalization of educational and training spaces in school programs, of all levels, to be addressed to emotional training, is an absolutely negative signal that explains, if ever there was a need, the functional impotence of educational institutions when she is forced to confront, as Mariani maintains, with the increase in difficulties and discomfort, as well as when problems arise among adolescents and, even more worrying, children. Free Certificate Courses

The uneasiness of the young, Free Certificate Courses which this event is bringing to the fore (in its many and unpredictable manifestations), which the teachers detect, more and more often, in the school environment, using a very widespread definition, is inserted as an emotional state, which does not however, it reconnects to the classic and detectable psychopathological, linguistic or cognitive retardation disorders. His evidence includes “a set of dysfunctional behaviors (poor participation, inattention, prevalent behaviors of refusal and disturbance, bad relationship with peers, but also absolute lack of critical Free Certificate Courses spirit), which do not allow the subject to adequately live the activities of class and to learn successfully, using the maximum of their cognitive, emotional and relational abilities ”as Mancini and Gabrielli affirm. Further, psychological distress, as highlighted by research in this sector, causes stress (in these days, sometimes, more determined), which can be linked to school performance, conduct of suffering and uncertainty, communication questions, signs of tension and recruitment of psychoactive substances. And what is happening right now? It seems that, as if by magic, many young people have rediscovered the pleasure of emotional communication. The pleasure of feeling useful to oneself and to others; to overcome anxieties and fears with an ever greater versatility of colors. Free Certificate Courses

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🔥  Hands to paint positive Free Certificate Courses 🤑


Although around the streets of the city the shouting of the people has stopped (and who would have believed it), the uncontrollable agitation of the city has stopped, and life has stopped, the hands begin to move again on the white sheet and the lines begin to chase each other and fill up, waiting for the color to become a dream and re-establish the interrupted connection with this present, silent and too heavy to accept.

That of young people, of the many Giorgio Carioti (in the photo) does not want to be anything other than an invitation to positivity and hope, because, effectively, every family should be able to draw a rainbow, not only in their hearts, in the pages of their life, but also, visually, on a billboard or on a sheet.

With the words ‘everything will be fine’ the wave of positivity starts and does not stop in Italy, region by region.

A wave that inviting children to paint, with their hands still dirty with watercolors or tempera, urges everyone to do the same.

✨ The joy that infects Free Certificate Courses 💥

The joy of children and the very young is, in fact, contagious “, and has the advantage of keeping them usefully busy until the health emergency is finally over.

Giorgio, cute, 10 years old, a pupil of the Renato Guttuso Institute, one of the millions of boys and girls, very young and very young Italians, with naturalness and determination, courage and firmness, opens the drawers, rummages in the wardrobes, puts together a small arsenal of colors and challenges, the drama of the moment.

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The drawing takes shape. After a few hours, the living room looks like a battlefield and the billboard is created, in all its positive action, and is placed on Free Certificate Courses.