▷【 Short online courses with certificate 】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

🥇 Short online courses with certificates First: the name and topic of the blog 🙂

Short online courses with certificates  : The name of your blog is what your readers will see first (for example yourblog.com) Short online courses with certificates, so it should basically represent either the general topics that you will write about or it could be your name!

🤓  Short online courses with certificates Or your business name or a clever combination of words. ✅

The blog name should be good and descriptive Short online courses with certificates so that potential readers can learn the content of your blog right away from the name.

If you are blogging on one specific topic, you will definitely need to include that in some way in the blog name

Short online courses with certificates. If you are planning to create a personal blog

where it discusses a variety of topics, my will is to use your name.

You can use this Wordiod tool to help you choose the name, word length and its meanings, but my advice is that you do not buy the domain name / domain name from the same sites Short online courses with certificates because there are other sites such as bluhost and domain at better prices. I will talk in detail about them in the following steps.

As for the subject, I advise you to know the appropriate specialty for you, Short online courses with certificates or what some call Niche.

Knowing a specialty or niche and knowing how to make it profitable for you

Knowing who your ideal readers are is the spirit of blogging in a nutshell.

How to choose a niche for your blog?

Choose the specialty / niche you like!

The specialization that suits you, that specialization that you have a great passion for

because you will have to work a lot to reach the highest form of knowledge on the topic of this specialization and to be a successful blogger you must learn and read more and continuously on the subject of this specialization in order to provide the best and most important information to readers in addition To critique and present your ideas appropriately in your writing, thus distinguishing itself from any other competitor in the same field.

🔥  Always Short online courses with certificates remember to be successful as a blogger, there is only one requirement: passion. 🤑

Second: Choosing the right blogging platform

At this point you will need to look at the best blogging sites out there and

decide what type of blogging management tool you want to use.

Personally, if you want to make money with your blog and aspire to long-term goals,

I recommend that you create your own blog using a self-hosted self-hosting setup

which I will explain in detail later.

✨ But let’s go over the options first and in the end the choice is up to you Short online courses with certificates: 💥

Free platforms

For many new bloggers, having free blogging platforms such as:

WordPress.com , Blogger , Tumblr or Medium is very tempting. But let me tell you that by keeping your blog on a free platform you are allowing the platform to own your name and you will be subject to their rules and restrictions and if you are looking to make money from the blog they may restrict or block ads on your blog or they may place their own ads. If you are serious about blogging then you should steer clear of free blogging sites. If you want to create a blog with Blogger, you can follow Google’s instructions to help you get started.

Self-hosting platforms Short online courses with certificates.

The self- hosted platforms / platforms allow you to run the blog using your own domain / domain and Short online courses with certificates regardless of you follow the rules of the domain registrar company / domain and the web hosting company Short online courses with certificates you are completely responsible for your blog and its contents.

You have many options when it comes to self-hosted systems / platforms Short online courses with certificates (also called CMS content management tools).

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