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⭐  Vulnerability in Firefox 3.5 needs to be upgraded immediately Short online courses with certificates 🥇

Short online courses with certificates  : A critical vulnerability has been identified in Mozilla Firefox that could be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user’s system.

This vulnerability is due to Short online courses with certificates  an error in the JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler and can cause memory corruption as successfully exploiting it allows arbitrary code to be executed.

This vulnerability has been identified in version 3.5 and there may be other versions that are affected.

There have already been some malicious webs ites that exploit this vulnerability while version 3.5.1 of M ozilla Firefox has already been released which fixes this security vulnerability and which we recommend you get right away!

✅  ICANN delays domain name expansion plan Short online courses with certificates 🙂

ICANN, the body responsible for operating the domain name system, has decided to delay plans to activate hundreds of new top-level domains that would compete with .com and .net, following an objection from the US government, due to insufficient consideration of the financial complications that such a move would entail.

Short online courses with certificates  ICANN decided to seek more information from an advisory committee of 100 national

 🤑  Short online courses with certificates governments before giving anyone the right to apply for a new top-level domain. 🤓

This gives a breath of fresh air to those who own / manage valuable brands, who are afraid that they will have to spend more money on domain names to protect their companies from occasional domain squatters who will rush to do the same or chase them. in court unless they are the first to register them.

The new domain names are known as generic top level domains, in contrast to country level domains such as .gr for Greece, .uk for the UK. and .ru for Russia and the plan is that they will enable companies and organizations to create extensions with their own names like .sony, .nokia, .apple etc

In an interview, Icann President Peter Dengate Thrush said the conference felt there were important issues that needed to be addressed before these domain names could be activated. ICANN has funded 5 studies on the financial benefits and costs of this project, but has not yet completed the audit of the studies. Mr Thrush said that we need to analyze these studies and what they have to say in conjunction with comments from governments and the private industry.

💥 At the same time, the implementation of the plan for activation of a new top-level domain Short online courses with certificates. 🔥

ICANN also expands the e-mail addresses to characters other than Latin, eg Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, following requests from the East.

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