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⭐ And a little training from Google Short online courses with certificates! 🥇

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates : If you want to train your friends or parents (who should be of English / American descent or very good English speakers, as the lessons are currently only available in English) to use and browse the Internet, you do not have to instead of visiting and and enriching their internet knowledge or answering some of their most frequently asked questions.

In “Teach Parents Tech” you can send your parents / friends selected videos (from YouTube) which explain things like how to take a screenshot of your screen to how to share large files over the internet, while in “20 Thigns I Learned ”can discover the basics of the internet and web browsers.

Of course the title “Teach Parents Tech” is not so successful, since many at the age of our parents are already more familiar than we would expect, but in any case they are useful aids for those who speak English well to know better opportunities provided by the internet and cloud services.

✅  Tips and Plugins for secure & fast WordPress Short online courses with certificates 🙂

WordPress is an amazing platform for building websites , online magazines, portfolios and Auttomatic (the company behind WordPress) is always trying to secure it so that millions of blogs and sites are protected from the threat of (wannabe and non) hackers and make it load quickly when circumstances require it.


In January 2010, even the well-known TechCrunch, one of the largest news blogs, was attacked twice in a matter of hours by strangers who took advantage of an insecure WordPress plugin . The hacker used the php injection method and after gaining access to TechCrunch’s WordPress admin panel, he changed his homepage (deface).

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Do you have a .EU site? Register for the .EU Web Short online courses with certificates 🥇

Because the fight against hackers is difficult, we searched and found the best tips and plugins for maximum security of your WordPress!

🤑  Safety tips Short online courses with certificates 🤓


Do not install WordPress in the root directory of your domain. Install it in a folder with a random / strange name that will not be easy to guess, eg something like: jjdy7eyhj64e, and thus you will get rid of bots and hackers. Follow this  guide on how to open WordPress from your domain address when you install it in a subfolder of your domain.

Change the prefix of the WP (database tables prefix) tables to avoid the sql injection attack.

Do not use the admin account. After installing WordPress, change the administrator username.

Security add-ons (Plugins)