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Short online courses with certificates  : Interesting is currently the «battlefield» of Internet Browsers: Firefox and Internet Explorer have introduced their beta versions, 4 and 9 respectively, very reminiscent of Chrome (and therefore Opera), increasing navigation speed and security are important, the social browser Flock changes platform and now relies on the chromium 7 engine instead of Mozilla, Chrome is constantly improving and Opera perfects the possibilities for better (and faster) navigation by grouping tabs ( tabs) etc.

Firefox 4: Open tabs are moved to the top (available for Windows only at the moment) and the entire menu bar is «lost» under a single key. At the same time, Firefox 4 has a new system of protection against unexpected problems that can stop the operation of the application, as if a plugin encounters a problem it will terminate it and not the entire browser. New additions also include, among others, HTML5 and WebM support.

Navigation speed has increased several times and is approaching that of Chrome. The new version of Firefox also solved the problem that many users faced with viewing video on YouTube or other sites.

You can find all the changes / Short online courses with certificates  additions  here while you can download Firefox 4 Beta from  here . Note that the application is in the testing phase and should be used with caution.

✅  Internet Explorer 9: The new version fixes many of the problems that existed in the Short online courses with certificates 🙂


 previous ones and Internet Explorer 9 is improving so much that we find it hard to believe that it is IE since it goes very well in WebKit SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark but also in 3 different HTML5 tests.

Many things have changed in Internet Explorer 9, now the new version with the minimalist design will make navigation much easier and faster, with Microsoft’s motto being: «Unlock the beauties of the internet».

A new feature in IE 9 is the Pinned Sites, which allows you to «lock» your favorite sites and in case you close the browser by mistake they will continue to run in the foreground, while you can still «pin» them in the taskbar something that Chrome does with the «Create application shortcuts» option.

The URL field becomes even more useful and easy to use as it also functions as a search field. The default search engine is Bing, while you can add others such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook.

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