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🔥 Free Certificate Courses E-Marketing, the lowest cost for the best profit: 💥

Free Certificate Courses : When comparing other advertisements such as the road, ads on TV stations and audio ads on the radio

You will find that marketing via the Internet provides you with the lowest cost and best result.

🔥  Free Certificate Courses  The basic components of the field of electronic marketing: 🤑

E-marketing is based on several basic elements that guide the process of electronic marketing of all kinds. Free Certificate Courses

Free Certificate Courses  Data (DATA):

Free Certificate Courses  The importance of the data that the Internet continuously collects, not only at the beginning of the marketing process

But it remains continuous permanently. Free Certificate Courses

The main purpose is to know this data about each user to determine what the user needs, interests, behavior, location, work, age, purchasing behavior …

Market information is also collected to include the amount of competitors, the size of their work, the size of the competition space, the environment and the nature of the competitors.

🤓  Free Certificate Courses Plan: ✅

Before starting any business, you need to develop a plan to form the workflow, and in general this is a reality of life in all fields.

In the world of electronic marketing, the plan is of very great importance, due to the availability of many trends and aspects that serve all the requirements of company owners and producers. Free Certificate Courses

The plan includes: marketing direction, marketing channel, tasks, specific cost, target customer characteristics … etc.


E-marketing tools consist of optimized software to complete tasks quickly and with better quality. Free Certificate Courses

Free Certificate Courses  And contribute greatly to the success of the marketing process.

We mention from these tools:

Joomla: provides you with a platform to create a website or online store in a very simple and easy way.

wordpress: is the most popular one, where the percentage of sites created through WordPress reaches 45% of the total sites on the Internet.

And a lot of advertising platforms for social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat … etc.

🙂  Free Certificate Courses  Skills: 🥇

Here, excellence in building a complete brand for the company and carrying out successful electronic marketing for it, through an experienced and professional electronic marketer at work, and he must have the following skills:

Creative sense and the ability to create new ideas that attract the target customer

A Lower the cost for the best possible result, so that you can reduce advertising expenses and get a satisfactory result

Participation and building a base of public relations that contribute to establishing cooperative conditions that result in good results at work.

E-Marketing Channels:

Free Certificate Courses  In this field, there are many channels that can be relied upon to reach your customer, including:

1- Paid ads:

The most powerful channels currently available, advertising platforms allow you to carry out advertising campaigns and determine the cost, audience and characteristics of your ad.

Among the available advertising platforms:

* Social networking sites: Instagram – Facebook – Snapchat – Twitter … etc.

Social media platforms allow you to own your own advertising account that enables you to create a sponsored advertisement for your services and products

You are charged in several ways, including: the amount of viewership of the ad, the interaction of viewers with the ad, the number of clicks on the ad.

Popular websites:

News and social sites and many service sites allow you an advertising space, and you are held accountable through the agreement between you and the management of the site on a monthly amount in exchange for advertising.

We offer advice on this item to adhere to the advertisement on the website specialized in Free Certificate Courses  the same field of your business to obtain more satisfactory results.

Free Certificate Courses  Digital search engines:

Google searches on a daily basis are estimated at 5.6 billion per day.

Google allows you to display your ad within the search engine in a pay-per-click method

Every user who clicks on your ad will be charged a fee.

Free Certificate Courses  2- Blogging:

This path is considered to be the longest and the best in quality, and it is classified as long, compact.

And by writing content, articles and information of high value and specialized in a specific business and professionally.

So that it is a reference and a source for people searching through search engines such as Google.

3- Affiliate Marketing: Free Certificate Courses

This idea is present in our normal life, and it means being an agent or seller of a product.

This idea revolves around the possibility of sharing profit between you and the owner of the product.

So that you market the product and contribute to the sales process.

A number of electronic stores allow you this method, including Amazon.

There are many people who have made it their main source of income in their lives.

4- Email Marketing: Free Certificate Courses

Electronic marketing via email is one of the best effective means, due to the good results in reaching the target customer.

💥 Free Certificate Courses  E-commerce || Types and features ✨

Free Certificate Courses : Advantages of e-commerce for companies and institutions. Free Certificate Courses. E-commerce: The emergence of the Internet and technological advancements have made many achievements in various areas of life in the modern era, and commerce has diversified the world of communication, creating a new path for material profit, so e-commerce was the most important achievement of this development, for more click here …

🤑  Free Certificate Courses  Types of e-commerce 🔥

Trade is one of the Free Certificate Courses  most important means of material profit that many aspire to, based on the movement of sale, purchase, and circulation of products, services and information among human beings. Technology and the Internet have opened a new curve for it that is commensurate with the needs of the times and its developments. Free Certificate Courses

The e-commerce Free Certificate Courses that made the world of communications, including its telephone lines, computer networks, the Internet, or through any other technical means, was a tool by which consumers’ desires were met to deliver the service and the financial compensation in an automatic and fast manner. It also includes e-commerce

🤓  Free Certificate Courses  There are three types: ✅

The first type: from dealer to consumer Free Certificate Courses

And in it, Free Certificate Courses  the owner of the company or institution sells the commodity to customers, and this type is known to us as target customers from the sale process because we deal with it almost every day, whether the company has a physical presence on the ground or via the web.

Free Certificate Courses  The second type: From a consumer to a merchant:

Free Certificate Courses  Remote work sites are an example of this type of e-commerce, where the business owner submits an advertisement and consumers execute the request presented with the advertisement.

Free Certificate Courses The third type: From consumer to consumer:

In this type, consumers deal with each other, whether in buying or selling, without the presence of any commercial company or middleman. Free Certificate Courses

Free Certificate Courses  Some of us think that e-commerce boils down to having a website and marketing through it, but it is much greater than that as it includes many applications such as:

Free Certificate Courses  Internet banks.

Free Certificate Courses  Shopping in malls on the Internet.

Buying and selling shares, placing auctions, and more. Free Certificate Courses

E-commerce applications are divided into three branches:

Free Certificate Courses  Buying and selling services, products and information, which is called the electronic market.

Simplifying, facilitating and facilitating the flow of information and communication, building many relationships based on cooperation between institutions, and building relationships between parts of the institution or one company.

Granting consumers a speedy and automatic service.

 It may help you … Learn to design websites from scratch

🥇 Free Certificate Courses  Advantages of e-commerce for companies and institutions: 🙂

E-commerce expanded the market scope from local to international, but also made it global, with the lowest costs and in a fast and easy manner.

E-commerce has removed the heavy material burden on the user to create, process, save and retrieve paper-based information

E-commerce allowed controlling the stocks of the company or institution and made it able to manufacture in a timely manner in order to provide customers with what they want directly.

The time period between getting the product and paying the money was shortened. E-commerce also helped reduce communication costs as the Internet is the cheapest and fastest type of communication in the modern era.

Through Internet commerce, it is possible to conduct large promotional and advertising campaigns for the company or organization, where the trade and marketing are combined electronically. Free Certificate Courses.

🥇  Free Online Courses  Nabil Elaraby Fellowship for Egyptian Master of Law students at the American University in Cairo 🙂

Free Online Courses  The American University in Cairo invites distinguished students to register for its annual program for the Nabil Al-Arabi Fellowship, which targets students enrolled in the Master of Laws program. He is a respected international lawyer and the owner of many other accomplishments.

✅  Free Online Courses  Eligibility criteria to apply for the fellowship: 🤓

Free Online Courses  The fellowship is offered exclusively to Egyptians.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

Free Online Courses  Fulfill the requirements for registration in the Master of Laws program at the university, i.e. obtaining full or provisional admission to the program with a very good average, or 3.2.

Free Online Courses Proof of financial need for the grant.

Satisfying the English language requirements, i.e. obtaining any of my certificates:

TOEFL iBT with a score of 79-90 Free Online Courses.

IELTS 6.5.

🤑  Free Online Courses Fellowship Study Tasks: 🔥

Free Online Courses  The acceptance of the scholarship by the learner means his tacit agreement to prepare the reports requested by the university, while adhering to the deadlines for those reports, which may require pictures or academic information showing progress, or may require the student to attend events and meetings with donors.

Free Online Courses  Fellowship Duration:

The fellowship will be for a period of one semester, which can be extended to two Free Online Courses  academic years.


Free Online Courses The fellowship is partially funded, as it covers:

Free Online Courses  Tuition fees in whole or in part.

Student activities and services.


Free Online Courses A letter of the purpose of the study, which includes the reason for interest in this program, what skills and experiences the applicant will add to the program, and on the other hand, how the program will benefit him in achieving his academic and professional goals, within a maximum of 500 words

A recent CV, including work experience and academic background.

At least two letters of recommendation, from academic or professional parties.

Academic certificates, one of which must be a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

Free Online Courses  Certificate of Proficiency in English Language.

A copy of the two sides of the national identity card, in the case of Egyptian applicants only, and for the rest of the nationalities and Egyptians with dual nationality, a copy of the information pages must be attached to the passport.

A recent passport size photo.

💥 Free Online Courses About the American University in Cairo: ✨

Free Online Courses Founded in 1919, the American University in Cairo is a leading American educational institution that provides an outstanding education in the English language, and is the center of cultural, social, and intellectual life in the Arab world. It is also a meeting place for world cultures, a forum for discussion and an extension of understanding between different cultures, as it is characterized by a multicultural environment.

Free Online Courses Fully Funded Fellowship for Explore Italy Projects from Harvard Center in Italy for the year 2020 Free Online Courses

The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies offers the Berenson Fellowship that lasts for four or six months for entrepreneurial scholars that focus on dialogues across national boundaries between Italy and other cultures, such as: Latin America, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and others during the Renaissance in the period between Fourteenth century and seventeenth century. The center also encourages researchers working in all the fields it supports, such as architecture, arts, history, philosophy, literature, music and science history, to apply. Up to four fellowships will be awarded each year.

Free Online Courses  Fellowship admission criteria:

Free Online Courses  Possess a PhD degree at the time of application.

Applicants must have a good command of the English language and be familiar with Italian.

Priority will be given to researchers early and mid-career.

The center welcomes applications from researchers from all countries, and pays special attention to candidates who do not have regular access to research materials and facilities in Italy.

Given the residential nature of the fellowship, fellows Free Online Courses  must live in the Florence area and spend at least three days a week in the center.

Applicants must indicate their preference between fall (September to December), and winter spring (January through June).

🥇 Free Online Courses  Training responsibilities 🙂 

Free Online Courses  : The United Nations System (UN) offers final-year Free Online Courses  undergraduates and graduates from anywhere in the world an opportunity to apply for in Beirut, Lebanon, for the year 2021.

✅  Free Online Courses  Training and Performance Department: 🤓

Free Online Courses  Coordinate upcoming training by gathering information from various stakeholders (reservations, data, testimonials, etc.) Free Online Courses.

Assist in setting up grade fixtures, equipment and software installation.

Free Online Courses  Welcome the candidates, record their attendance, and read the instructions as needed.

Attending training courses as a member of the HRMS team.

Refer staff to administrative instructions on the United Nations performance management system.

🤑  Free Online Courses  recruitment: 🔥

Free Online Courses  Learn about competency-based interviewing, how to develop  Free Online Courses interview skills, and how to conduct and pass competency-based interviews.

Free Online Courses Understand the job vacancy components.

Assisting in finding a new job opportunity in the recruitment portal as needed.

Understand the personnel selection system and related administrative instructions.

Recruitment of trainees according to the administrative instructions of the United Nations Internship Program.

Maintain databases of trainees, as well as consultants and individual retirees (CICs) for statistical purposes.

Collect data on trainees.

Conduct research on a specific employment related topic.

Conducting satisfaction surveys and reactions among trainees.

Organizational Control and Management:

Free Online Courses  Learn the basic facts and the United Nations Charter.

Free Online Courses  Search the portal of the human resources directory and the intranet of the United Nations iSeek and the portal of jobs for matters related to human resources, namely, rules, regulations, job opportunities, examinations, Free Online Courses  and others.

💥  Free Online Courses Benefits and entitlements: 🔥

Free Online Courses  Helping to calculate benefits and entitlements, such as an education grant using Excel, and assisting HR partners in collecting, verifying, and calculating data.

Learn about the different types of appointments and contractual systems in the United Nations (temporary, fixed-term, ongoing) and the various terms, benefits and related entitlements.

Support the team on projects related to improvement, standardization, simplification and automation of functions related to benefits and entitlements management.

Research and strategic human resource management:

Free Online Courses  Conduct research and collect data for digital solutions.

Search the United Nations website for cases related to specific issues (eg, disputes under restructuring).

Records Management:

Free Online Courses  Receiving documents, sorting and numbering them, and submitting them to the official case files, inactive or separated employees, as well as consultants and individual contractors.

Naming files for separate employees and maintaining relevant computer records.

Create new files for new employees.

Manage dedicated team inbox and save last category records.

Communicate with administrative assistants.

Preparing employee testimonials.

Perform other duties as assigned such as writing records, research, correspondence, time, attendance, alumni network, etc.

Qualifications and Skills:

✨  Free Online Courses  Communication: 😂

Free Online Courses  Speak and write clearly and effectively.

Free Online Courses  Listen to others, correctly interpret messages from others and respond appropriately.

Asking questions for clarity, and showing a clear interest in having good contact with others Free Online Courses.

Tailoring language, tone, style and form to suit the audience Free Online Courses.

Openness to sharing information and keeping people informed.

work as one team:

Free Online Courses  Work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.


😂  Free Online Courses  creativity: 😂

Actively seeking to improve the programs or services.

Offer new and different options to solve problems or meet customer needs.

Promote and convince others of new ideas.

Take calculated risks on new and unusual ideas.

Thinking outside the box.

Interest in new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Lack of commitment to current thinking or traditional approach.


Free Online Courses  Enrolled in a postgraduate program (second university degree or equivalent or higher).

Enrolled in the final academic year of the undergraduate degree program (minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) Free Online Courses.

Graduation with a university degree, and if you are selected you must begin training within one year of graduation.

Knowledge of computers, especially Word and Excel Free Online Courses.

Strong interest in the work of the United Nations and a personal commitment to the Charter.

Having a demonstrated ability to interact successfully with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which includes a willingness to try to understand and tolerate different opinions.

🙂 ✅ Free Online Courses Languages: 🥇

Free Online Courses  English and French are the two working languages ​​of the United Nations. For this training, fluency in both written and spoken English is required. Knowledge of Arabic is an advantage.

Free Online Courses  About the United Nations:

Free Online Courses  The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization established in 1945 AD responsible for maintaining international peace and security, Free Online Courses developing friendly relations between nations, and achieving international cooperation and is considered a center for coordinating state actions. It is the largest, most well-known, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world.

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