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🥇 The virtual hug Free Certificate Courses 🙂

Free Certificate Courses : These billboards, these banners can be considered the physical, Free Certificate Courses palpable response of citizens who can no longer embrace each other, but who are still in a position to take a pencil, a marker, a color, and trace a gesture, swipe something with their hand which will become a note for another person we do not know, but who will continue to read us, to make the message his own, to introject fears.

✅  The most human dimension Free Certificate Courses 🔥

The heat on the paper, on the fabric, is not only good for them, for these wonderful innocents, it is good for all Italians to whom it returns an indispensable human dimension. Free Certificate Courses

🤑  Messages help produce resilience, to resist without breaking. Free Certificate Courses 🤓

Even Bergamo, in these dramatic hours, where tears, so many, are mixed with hopes, numerous sheets reassure that, after all, with the strength of the doctors and nurses, of all, really all, «Everything will be fine». Free Certificate Courses

The invitation to teachers is not to give up, to overcome this temptation to become administrators of tasks and deliveries, to have rainbows painted with tempera, with every type of color, drawn everywhere in Italy, and to post them here too. , on the portal of our newspaper. Free Certificate Courses

Participation is not, for heaven’s sake, an obligation, it is a certificate of esteem for the effort of those who are fighting for a stronger, more cohesive, more human, more responsible Italy, with fewer differences and more reasons to live and fight together. Free Certificate Courses

🔥  The methodology and the pedagogical turning points Free Certificate Courses 💥  

The methodology born from the experiential nature of the same (who imagined, only until the beginning of February, that we would be forced to manage everyday life in a different way) realized with the aid of didactic material, we could define it, of luck (many students have found at home without the possibility of returning to school to take books, notebooks, colors), has allowed the organization of a dialogic space that is only virtual, in contact with the teacher and with the other students, aimed at improving the emotional vigor and allow what we call intense emotions. The support provided by the teachers,  Free Certificate Courses  together with them by the parents (very skilled tutors, in recent weeks), equipped with, unfortunately not efficient, knowledge on communication and relational dynamics, has collaborated to determine a better self-awareness and a more verifiable self-control, together with the other principles that can be framed in emotional intelligence.

We have built, from a distance, a personalized vocabulary of emotions Free Certificate Courses ✨

Strange to say, but thanks to this improvised emotional vitality, we have allowed a personalized vocabulary of emotions to be created, albeit at a distance. The vocabulary of the many who have communicated their will to live and the never dormant desire to hope.

The school, at a distance, thus wins the classic organization of laboratory work in the classroom. And it does it to explore emotions; to indicate the expressions of the emotional experience; to understand feelings; to regulate, each for himself, and only later in the group (starting from the family one, which has entered quarantine) the emotions, fears and anxieties but also anger and sadness, annoyance and shame; to embrace, with conviction, the feelings and anxieties of others and commit to making their point of view their own (being empathic right now is just fantastic); to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses; to access the organizational-emotional development of the group-class; to attack human conflicts, with the utmost loyalty and better creativity. The many Giorgio, around Italy, won the first battle. The one related to their fears. Free Certificate Courses

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