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🥇 Free Certificate Courses Distance learning: Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Lifesize compared. Advantages and disadvantages 🙂

Free Certificate Courses

Free Certificate Courses : Collaboration and communication strategies are the basis for a constructive organization of distance learning Free Certificate Courses requires that the teacher programs and a real lesson to train students at a distance and not just assign exercises, repetitions or new topics to study. Free Certificate Courses

🤓  The use of this form of teaching involves the adoption of technologies very often unknown to the users of the teachers. Free Certificate Courses  ✅ 


Solutions for video conferencing, widely used by large companies, offer different types of support, depending on the needs: whether you want to prioritize the cost, or whether you are aiming at the security, reliability and assistance of the service used.

The choice to make can actually become very difficult in a moment of “emergency” like this. It is possible to reconcile the different needs to arrive at the most suitable tool among the various applications on the market.

🔥  Free videoconferencing apps Free Certificate Courses 🤑

There are many apps that offer free video conferencing service, despite being created for corporate teamworking or business collaboration purposes. Below you will find a list of the best currently on the market available for both computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) – and of which we will analyze features, advantages and disadvantages. Free Certificate Courses

Google Hangouts Free Certificate Courses

The best video conferencing app is definitely the one from Google. The best example of consumer-oriented software, widely used for years for the business sector. It allows complete integration with all other Google applications: Gmail, Google Calendar, etc … The only flaw is that it allows only 10 users to connect at the same time. In the Meet version, however, it is possible to make a simultaneous audio and video connection for up to 250 people. Free Certificate Courses

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Advantages: Integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, works with Chrome through plugins.

Disadvantages: It does not support two streams at the same time, some users complain about the quality and reliability of the connection.


The Microsoft app offers tools for both private users and companies. Videoconferencing is possible from a computer (by downloading the installation package) and from mobile devices (by downloading the app). It is possible to connect, even in this case 10 users at the same time, there is the possibility of accessing a directory of people (automatically generated by Microsoft) where it is possible to search for all users registered to the service. Free Certificate Courses

✨   Benefits: familiar user experience, for anyone who uses Skype to connect with family members, integrations of additional connectable users possible in paid versions Free Certificate Courses 💥

Disadvantages: requires you to download an application, it can be considered unprofessional because it is widely used for private conversations, advanced features available upon subscription to a premium subscription Free Certificate Courses

Zoom Free Certificate Courses

Zoom offers a reduced service for group video calls that is quite satisfactory. Allows the choice of different types of plans (both free and paid). On Basic plans, it allows users to make 40 minute calls with few features like screen sharing, local recording, meeting rooms and camera filters.

Advantages: Simple subscription, includes basic registration, supports calls to 100 users at the same time.

Disadvantages: requires a downloadable application, uses only the English language, all calls are not encrypted, calls have a maximum limit of about 40 minutes, no possibility to check spam or bandwidth Free Certificate Courses

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Lifesize is widely used software for video conferencing. On the market for about twenty years, it has always aimed at an intuitive and quality service. For its use it is necessary to open a free account, you can use a videoconferencing service that allows the maximum participation of 25 users, without the need to download or install software.

It is possible to register for the service by accessing this link, entering your name, email and password. Registration must only be made by the person administering the videoconference (teacher or class coordinator); other users, defined as “guests”, will only click an invitation link. Access to the platform is guaranteed both from computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Free Certificate Courses

Benefits: No download or installation required, unlimited conference duration, screen sharing, high video quality, based on a global cloud network, end-to-end security and encryption enabled by default (even on public networks). Free Certificate Courses

Disadvantages: It is possible to increase the number of conference participants up to 300 users, integrations to video systems are available Free Certificate Courses.