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Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Home economics specialization is one of the academic Accredited short courses online disciplines that are closely related to home life, as it deals with all matters related to the home from birth to old age, including fashion, health, personal financial resources, home design, and it is more common among girls with the aim of creating a generation of girls who own Great ability to benefit from the talents and skills related to the field of fashion design, the field of sewing, the field of cooking and other different fields, in this article we will deal with the concept of the home economics specialty, the duration of study of this specialization, the sub-fields associated with it, the available fields of work, and the cost of studying home economics.

😂  Accredited short courses online What is the concept of home economics major? ✅

The specialization of home economics is the science that is concerned with managing the home and organizing its affairs related to assessing the necessary needs for consumption, and ensuring that the requirements and needs of the house are provided without infringing on the resources available in the home, in addition to determining the amount of expenses required during a certain time, as it means training people not to be extravagant and wasteful In food or clothing, behave well when consumed.

🤑  Accredited short courses online How long does it take to study the home economics major? 🤓

The duration of the study Accredited short courses onlineof the home economics major depends on the academic degree that the student wants to join, for the bachelor’s degree requires a study period of up to 4 years to study the scientific track of home economics (Department of Home Management, Department of Nutrition, Department of Housing, Department of Clothes and Textile) and the Humanitarian Administrative Path (Department Islamic Arts, Department of Educational Home Economics, Department of Childhood Studies), and in the fourth year of study, students submit a graduation project according to the department for each student to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of home economics.

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✨ What Accredited short courses online are the most important curricula for the home economics major? 🔥

The student Accredited short courses onlinestudies many courses during the study of home economics, in order for the student to acquire a set of skills and abilities to provide assistance to families to enhance interaction and participation at home, and the following are the most important courses:

Applied Social Sciences

– Human relationships


– Fashion design

Science of food

Work and family balance

Managing the family’s financial affairs

– Learning theories

– nutrition

Family and old age

Child Psychology  

How to raise a child

– the health


Child and developmental disabilities

The needs of the elderly

– Child growth

– Interior Design

What job opportunities are there for female home economics graduates?

There are many jobs that home economics graduates can enroll in one of them, the most important of which are the following:

1- Community programs

2- Director of food and catering services in various hotels and restaurants

3- Working in the field of textile and fashion design

4- Work in retail and clothing industry

5- Teacher in elementary, middle and high schools

6- Educational media production

7- Work in the field of interior design

8- Providing social services and childcare offices

9- Dietitian

10- Working in nurseries

💥  Accredited short courses online How much does it cost to study home economics? 💥

The home economics major is one of the distinct fields of study that provides many job opportunities for the student after graduation, and provides him with great experiences and skills that he can apply in his personal life to reach a level of more than wonderful in organizing his home and related issues, and the study of home economics is available in a number of From countries around the world, including America that offers high-quality study programs in this regard, the following is the cost of studying home economics in American universities.

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