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🥇 Accredited short courses online twitter-mention 🙂

Accredited short courses online  : To send a report you can start the tweet with the @ username or place it anywhere else in the message  and then write the text you want .

If you want to tweet a @ user but want it to be visible to any other twitter user, just put a full stop (.) Before the @username.

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To retweet is when we post something you said a user on twitter. Let’s say that Giannis sends a very interesting tweet. Renia sees the tweet and wants to publish it on her fan list. He will just retweet what John wrote. Giannis in turn will receive an e-mail that Renia retweeted his message to her followers.

Retweets are a great way to highlight a specific message and show a specific user or Twitter that you are following what it says. Retweets are also an effective way to add interesting and relevant content to your fan list. You can follow someone that your followers do not follow and a retweet will highlight him in your followers.

Since you only have 140 characters for each of your tweets , you may not be able to put a long link in your tweet. In this case, you should use a URL shortcut. If you use Twitter on a computer and insert a link in the tweets box, Twitter will automatically reduce  the URL length.

What Twitter lacks is when you want to know how many users clicked on this link. To shorten a link and then be able to track how many people clicked on the link and where they clicked on, I recommend two different programs:

If you already have a Google Account, goo.gl is a good choice because you can easily access it every time you sign in to your google account. Goo.gl also generates a QR code for the URL that you can use in various publications.

🤑  Research Before You Tweet! Accredited short courses online 🔥

How do you know what hashtag to use or what a person’s name is on twitter when you write a new tweet? You will need to do a little research before you tweet. If you have a keyword phrase or two-word topic, it’s a good idea to do a search to see how other users relate to the topic: they can spell the words together or separate them or change them in some way.

The best way to search for hashtags and users is within Twitter itself. Do a search for a keyword or phrase, and then use the hashtags used by others. This will help you in a discussion that is evolving around this topic. Similarly, if you are referring to a person in your tweet, do not assume that their twitter name is their first and last name together. Search and find their twitter username before you mention them.

If you are responsible for an event (discussion, meeting, event, etc.), it is always best to create a hashtag before the event and then announce the hashtag. This way, users will not use different hashtags, but a common hashtag as a reference point.

✨ Accredited short courses online Shortcuts 💥

whois:  To view a short profile of a user, type «whois + username» and it will appear in a pop-up at the top of the page. For example, you can see my profile by typing,  whois jefnow and pressing enter .

follow:  You can follow a user by typing  follow username  and pressing enter.

leave:  To stop following someone, type  leave username  and press enter.

fav:  To highlight a user’s most recent tweet as a favorite, just type  fav   username and enter, eg fav jefnow.

get: This way you will see the latest tweet of any user. Eg:  get jefnow , will show you the latest jefnow Tweet.

nudge:  It is something similar to facebook poke, so with  nudge jefnow  and enter, you will shake iamjef (fail).

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