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🙂 Accredited short courses online A photo of the personal account 🥇

Accredited short courses online  : Try as much as possible to take care of Accredited short courses online your personal picture on LinkedIn in order to attract the attention of your page visitors, here are the most important tips:

🤓  An example of a personal picture on the LinkedIn Accredited short courses online  account  ✅

Face close-up

a smile Accredited short courses online

Show the confidence in you

Looking toward the camera


Avoid blurring pictures

Stay away from passport and ID photos.

4. Profile address

Never neglect the headline, have you ever seen an article without a title? Or an article that starts without an introduction? Also, your LinkedIn page must contain a title Accredited short courses online consisting of carefully selected words to describe your field, specialty, or workplace.

🔥  The window for editing the name and address of the LinkedIn profile Accredited short courses online 🤑


To edit your profile title, click on the pen icon, which is located under the page cover image, and the edit window appears.

As you can see through this window, you will find after the name field a sentence: Pronunciation Name Record, which is intended to record the name in pronunciation through the voice, and it is done through a mobile application, and the goal is to make it easier for visitors to know how to pronounce your name and thus ease of communication with you.

The headphone icon appears on the LinkedIn profile page Accredited short courses online after the audio recording

If you have already registered your name, you will notice a speaker icon next to your name on your LinkedIn profile page afterward! Visitors can now learn how to pronounce your name correctly. Great! is not it?

It is inappropriate to leave the title blank or contain only one word, do not write that you are only a student, or a recent graduate, or that you are looking for a job without any other semantic words, try to list the best 5 fields in which you specialize, or international certificates that you own, or even The skills that are characteristic of it.

Preferably between 4-5 words and commas. | To appear in a decent manner, and try to stay away from the frequent and frequently used words such as: (Leader, Specialist, Expert … etc.), try to describe yourself in an attractive and out of the box style.

In the other fields, add the country in which you live now, and you can also specify that your university study place appears in the address or even your current workplace, or specify your field of specialization or professional work.

✨  Accredited short courses online Activate the Open To Work feature 💥

Use the feature available for work on LinkedIn

The feature to show that you are available for work is relatively recent in LinkedIn, as it allows those looking for work to choose 5 job titles they are interested in, in

addition to the type of work full / partial or remote, geographical location of work and the job you are looking for.

When this feature is activated, it appears to the recruiters that the owner of this account is searching and ready to work in those jobs that they have previously chosen.

Feature control is available to work on Linkedin

You can also control the appearance of this information to everyone or only to recruiters under the name of Recruiters. For recent graduates and those who are not at the top of their work, I recommend transferring it to the general situation, and for those on the job and in order to avoid problems in your work, keep the option Only for Recruiters .

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