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🙂 New TLDs: .mom, .vip, .law, .promo and .blog! 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online  : 5 new domain endings for moms, lawyers, offers, VIP guys and bloggers!

Accredited short courses online. MOM

The .mom provide an online place where moms can share their experiences and their love to the world through an ideal address for blogs mother-to-mother counseling discussions for parents as well as for companies and products that appeal to current and future mothers.

Accredited short courses online  VIP

The .vip showing the world that do business in the field of exclusive services, such as rental of luxury homes / cars, clubs / entertainment centers, concert halls, restaurants, bars or whatever provides high-value products and services to selected clients. Ideal for unique offers and VIP sites.

🤓   Accredited short courses online .LAW ✅

The .law is a unique, specially targeted  domain for each lawyer or law firm that inspires confidence and attracts those seeking reliable legal services online.


The .promo is suitable for any website that shows the best discount offers and coupons on the web, loyalty reward programs, promotional events, business or a special purpose (eg openings, fundraisers or charitable organizations, etc.) and will attract visitors looking for opportunities saving money or exclusive offers.

Accredited short courses online .BLOG

The .blog  came to meet the demand for a domain extension aimed at blogs. Individuals, hobbyists, freelancers, organizations and companies now have a domain for their blog to present their latest developments, views and news.

 ✨ Joomla 3 security gap: how to fill it 🔥 💥

Do you have a Joomla site? Now it’s time to upgrade to the latest version 3.6.4 , as the security vulnerabilities that have recently been made public are so serious that they leave you with no choice!

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Website Title Accredited short courses online 🥇

According to this announcement from the Joomla community , all owners of Joomla sites must IMMEDIATELY upgrade to the latest version of Joomla 3.6.4 to fill the serious security vulnerabilities to which they are exposed in versions 3.4.4 to 3.6.3.

The security gap: Malicious bots attack Joomla in order to create admin users or change user passwords to take control of the site for malicious purposes (infecting visitors with malware, attacks on other sites, etc.).

Our reaction: Our technicians quickly located and stopped the attacks where they occurred and recommend how to protect yourself from Joomla security vulnerabilities.

🤑  The upgrade is easily done through your Joomla admin Accredited short courses online. 😂

Before the upgrade , do not forget to get a backup (with a tool like Akeeba Backup ) and after the upgrade, delete the older or any trial version of Joomla (if it is a migration from 1.x / 2.x) from the server .

Along with the upgrade, it is NECESSARY to password protect your Admin (/ administrator) with a tool like Akeeba Admin Tools .

After the upgrade you have to check the Joomla users , delete anyone you have not made and it seems suspicious to you (especially if it has administrator rights) and change their passwords.

TIP: If you have an older version (Joomla 1.x , 2.x ) do the IMMEDIATE upgrade locally first (on your PC) by installing MAMP (Apache – MySQL – PHP) and then upload the files of your new Joomla to server.

To make it easier for you, here are the steps to get to the latest, safer version!

Lectura de Interés:   ⭐ Vulnerability in Firefox 3.5 needs to be upgraded immediately Accredited short courses online 🥇

Joomla upgrade guides in the latest version (Joomla 3.6.4)


Upgrade Joomla 2.x to Joomla 3.x

https: //docs.joomla .org / Joomla_2.5_to_3.x_Step_by_Step_Migration

Upgrade Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 to Joomla 3.x /

Upgrading Joomla 1.x to Joomla 3.x

Extensions to upgrade old versions of Joomla


You can use some extensions to upgrade: (1.5 ➔ 2.5 , 1.5 ➔ 3.x, 1.6 ➔ 2.5, 1.6 ➔ 3.x, 1.7 ➔ 2.5, 1.7 ➔ 3.x, 2.5 ➔ 3.x) (1.5 ➔ 2.5, 1.5 ➔ 3.x) (1.0 ➔ 2.5, 3.x, 1.5 ➔ 2.5, 3.x, 2.5 ➔ 3.x)



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