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🙂 Moreover, the feature of SSL addition at a site that is in the direction of the wording added (s Short online courses with certificate 🥇

Short online courses with certificate : In addition to its ever- increasing importance in ranking a site, its absence can end the visit of a user who wants his communication with the site to be encrypted.

🤓  Ssl details Chrome browser Short online courses with certificate ✅

H Google recognizes the existence of SSL on a website as SEO ranking factor. So if you want to implement complete SEO Optimization of your website you must include it in your list.

Since July 2018, Chrome and other browsers have started visualizing through icons (eg Chrome green bar) the existence of https: // on a web page as well as its technical details.

🔥  Short online courses with certificate Thus, in addition to being a rating factor, SSL also became an indicator of a site’s reliability. 🤑 ⌚

SSL certificates are distinguished based on the type of certification and the number of domains they can cover. The easiest way to Short online courses with certificate learn more about the SSL that suits your needs is the SSL selection helper we prepared at DNHOST.

Redirect your pages from http to https as soon as you get SSL, (via the Plugin of the management system you use eg Redirection for WordPress or through the technician who manages your site). Finally, he informed the Google Search Console about the change to https: // as it treats sites with http and https in their address differently.

Do not forget that the more you deal with the SEO optimization of your website, the more room for improvement you will discover based on your industry and the specifics of your product. But the result will satisfy you as you will ensure a constant communication with your audience and you will gain control over the ranking of your pages in search engines. We wholeheartedly wish you to enjoy the implementation of the SEO plan of your own website.

🥇 Using a blog ( blog ) on site or in your e-shop and Short online courses with certificate 🙂

Short online courses with certificate  : If you discover unwanted inbound links from third-party sites, contact their administrators by email or contact information and request that they be removed. If you do not succeed, with the disavow tool of google define specific sites and url’s from which you do not want the backlinks to your site to be evaluated.

🤓  Short online courses with certificate  the systematic addition of articles on it can significantly increase your overall ranking on search engines. ✅

It links directly to all the SEO elements of the article, as it adds new unique pages to your site and acts as a strong signal to bots that it is renewed and offers original content to its audience.Blog Installation

Make a calendar (eg Google Calendar ) Short online courses with certificate with the dates you want to publish an article and an excel with its title, keywords and internal links.

Publish articles based on this program and create original content with the keywords you have chosen. Search engines rank higher content that is first published on your site and is not a repost product.

Create pages-hubs (hub pages) bringing together like file the most important articles of your site. This increases the number of search pages per page (pages per session) and helps bots better understand the structure of your blog.

Use RSS feeds and social media sharing buttons in your articles to get more visibility, traffic and reposts.

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