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🥇 Here some may ask an important question, Short online courses with certificate 🙂

Short online courses with certificate  : For example, read aloud, or take notes on the margin, Short online courses with certificate or write a summary of what you read on external paper, or ask whoever you think may carry the answer, such as a teacher, friend or relative, the important thing is that you be patient at this stage so that you get out of it with the greatest possible understanding and understanding .


🤓  Third: The stage after reading Short online courses with certificate ✅


At this stage, Short online courses with certificate you may need a little confirmation of information by reviewing certain parts of what you have read in the past. It is also useful for you to summarize what you have read and try to reformulate it in your own style, and in this way you may  Short online courses with certificate determine the extent of your understanding and understanding of what you read.

After reviewing and summarizing, it is the role Short online courses with certificate of proposition, discussion and analysis of ideas related to the topic, provided that the discussion takes place with people of high scientific, knowledge and experience value.

🤑  Short online courses with certificate  Should we apply the previous three stages of reading to all the written material that our hands reach with equal care, speed and mastery? 🔥

Or does reading have other skills that differ according to the material being read?

Tips to help you improve reading skills in English

The truth is, reading skills are multiple

Short online courses with certificate  Reading a newspaper is different from reading the scheduled school curriculum, and reading a research paper or a scientific publication is different from reading an entertaining story, and reading a personal message is different from reading a script or a technical script.

Short online courses with certificate  Reading is like driving a car in terms of the need to pay attention, focus, and adapt in walking according to what the situation imitates and the type and atmosphere of the road we are traveling on.

The reader will not acquire the different skills of reading in English except through continuity, daily training, and periodic follow-up

✨ Short online courses with certificate  As for the different reading skills, it is included 💥

 Through the survey, the reader can identify the content that he will read in a superficial manner and understand whether this content is a topic, an article, a research, or anything else. Short online courses with certificate

 Browsing, in which the reader browses the content quickly and briefly to search for answers to some simple questions in his mind until he reaches the general ideas and outlines of the material in question.

Carefully reading and examining, in which the content is read in a relatively careful and fairly quick manner, in order to reach most of the content ideas and the facts and information they carry.

 Speed ​​and in this skill the reader can read quickly and understand quickly as well, and this skill is completely different from the previous skills because it requires special faculties and continuous training, but it finally pays off amazingly.

Here are some tips to help you read in English

🔥   Short online courses with certificate Read often and always 😂

Try reading easy books, magazines, newspapers, and articles online on your favorite topic. When you read something you like, you will be interested in continuing to read and nothing will stop you.

Short online courses with certificate Ensure understanding

You always  Short online courses with certificate have to ask yourself What is this question? Do I really understand what I’m reading? It is a good idea to check whether you really understand the text or book you are reading, as comprehension and comprehension are important indicators of proper reading.

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