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Online English courses with certificate : Instagram Reels is a content f Online English courses with certificate ormat that allows you to create videos of between 15 seconds and 30 seconds in length and share them with others in a new personalized feed on Instagram’s Explore page.

Instagram reels is an attempt by Facebook to compete with TikTok, Online English courses with certificate as Instagram Reels was first launched in Brazil in late 2019, and is now available to more than 50 other countries, on both iOS and Android.

We can say that Instagram Reels is a completely new way to create fun and engaging video content, similar to TikTok, where Instagram users can now record and edit videos of 15-30 seconds, add music, share it in their stories, explore the feed and tab. New Reels in user profile.

🤓  Instagram Online English courses with certificate made it clear via the creators’ account on the platform that the Reels tab is: ✅

A place to watch short, fun videos, and Online English courses with certificate help your videos to be discovered by new audiences on a bigger global platform.

In the Reels tab, instead of just seeing Reels from the accounts you follow while scrolling, you’ll see Reels from the popular and popular Instagram accounts.

Although Reels’s algorithm is not yet demonstrated, it looks somewhat similar to the TikTok For You page. This means that the content shown to you may be affected by who you already follow, the content you interact with, and where you are.

How to use Rails Instagram

As I mentioned in the previous section that Instagram Rails is very similar to the TikTok application, if you are a TikTok pioneer, it will be easy for you to deal with the Rails feature in Instagram, but if not, let’s start by learning how to use Rails Instagram!

Access Rails Instagram

To access Reels, simply open the Instagram Stories Camera and select REELS.

Or you can click on the + sign on your Instagram page and select Reels.

Access to Instagram reels

🔥  You Online English courses with certificate will then see Reels editing tools appear on the left side of your screen. These editing tools include: 🤑

Rails adjustment options

Time: Set the duration of the reel clip after the last update from Rails Instagram. You can now choose between 15 and 30 seconds

Music: With this feature, you can choose a song from Instagram’s song and audio library, and you can also use your own voice simply by recording a live audio clip.

Keep in mind that when you share a track with your original audio, it will be assigned to you and other users can create Reels using your audio track (if you have a public account).

Rails Instagram mod features

Speed: You can choose to speed up or slow down a portion of the video or audio that you use in Instagram Reels. This can help you create slow motion videos.

Effects: You can choose from many realistic effects in the Instagram effect gallery, these effects are created by Instagram and users all over the world and can be used to record multiple and different clips.

Filters: to choose a set of pre-made filters from Instagram to change the look of Reels

Timer and timer: Instagram Reels Online English courses with certificate has a timer feature that allows you to record videos hands-free. Once you press «record», you will get a countdown before the camera starts recording for the time period you chose.

Alignment: Instagram Reels has a really cool alignment feature! It helps you align clips to create seamless transitions for things like (popular TikTo dress-up videos) or add new friends to your Reel.

Create Rails on Instagram

✨   Online English courses with certificate Instagram Reels gives you two options for creating reel:  💥

Record and take new clips and clips

Upload a video clip from your camera file

Reels can be recorded as a series of clips (one after the other), or all at once.

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