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🙂  This is a free program for Mac and helps to create fast videos without Online English courses with certificate  recording audio. 🥇

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate  : AviScreen captures AVI video or bitmap images, runs on Windows and does not record audio. It has the “follow the cursor” function that records every movement of your mouse cursor.

2. Camstudio

🤓  Camstudio Online English courses with certificate ✅

It is a free and open source program for video transmission on Windows systems. It records video and audio on your computer in AVI files and can export them to SWF.

It has an easy-to-use interface and includes note-taking, custom cursors and selecting the screen area to capture.

3. Copernicus


4. Goview


Free program for Windows that captures image and sound and saves them on the internet with or without password protection and you can download or upload the videos it creates to another server!

5. ISU


ISU allows you to record  a sequence of actions in an application, enrich it with drawings and comments, and send it via Email or Messenger.

6. Jing


A free software for Mac and Windows computers that allows the user to record audio video with the cursor, scrolling and clicks made on web pages or applications.

7. Krut


Krut is a Java application for video tutorials through a minimalist environment that exports files to quicktime mov files.

8.  Screen castle


🔥 💥 Screencastle Online English courses with certificate 🤑

Screen Castle is an online image capture tool that lets you instantly share the files you produce.

9. Screencast O matic


This online tool can be used by Windows, Mac or Linux users directly from their browser and is free for up to 15 minute videos!

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Internship in the technical support department Online English courses with certificate 🙂

12. Screen jelly


With this free tool you can record videos up to 3 minutes and share it via Twitter or email.

14. Screenr


Another free web-based tool for Windows and Mac that lets you record video without installing software. The recording is in high definition Flash video and can be shared on Twitter, YouTube and anywhere on the web.

15. Webinaria


With Webinaria you can easily record (I remembered that word !!) your screen as an .avi file and convert it to .FLV, adding your voice and editing your recording with its Editor. Works on Windows and is free!

😂  You can also  Online English courses with certificate try: ✨


UltraVNC Screen Recorder

Windows Media Encoder

BB FlashBack Express

CaptureFox (Firefox add-on)

uTIPu TipCam

If you have to suggest another program for creating Video Tutorials , all you have to do is leave your comment! 🙂