▷【Online English courses with certificate 】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇

🥇 Christmas Competition 2021 Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Online English courses with certificate  : If you register an .EU Domain Registration between 26/11 and 23/12, you can enter the EURid Christmas Contest and win two fantastic prizes!

To take part in the  Christmas Competition .EU domain go to https://eurid.eu/en/ and answer the two questions of the Competition.

The prizes of the winners are:

1st Prize:

A one-week physical recovery package for two at Saturnia SPA in Tuscany (Italy) with full board (accommodation and three meals a day, drinks for lunch and dinner excluded), including transfer from the winner’s country, within 1st quarter of 2016.

Saturnia Spa Tuscany, Italy

2nd Gift:

An electric bike for relaxing and ecological movements!

electric bicycle

The names and countries of the winners will be announced on December 24, 2015 at  www.eurid.eu and at  christmas2015.eurid.eu .

The terms of the competition can be found at http://christmas2015.eurid.eu/static/competition-rules.pdf

🥇 Website hosting with 99.96% uptime (11/2021) Online English courses with certificate  🙂

We just received Pingdom’s monthly report for all our services in November and of course we are happy to see the 99.96% uptime it gives us 🙂

Every month one of the services we use to monitor our services, Pingdom sends us the monthly report on the availability of our services.

In fact the actual availability in hosting us reaches 99.99% . Because this;

We have noticed many times (especially in November) error reports (false alarms) but once we received notice for a service, we find that this was not true and that the service indicated (usually 1 ‘minute) as inaccessible in essence was accessible. This is most likely due to short network issues (overload or micro-interruptions in a network used by Pingdom).

Also, the total downtime includes the scheduled upgrades / maintenance we do on the servers, but also on our secondary services (domain name management, hosting management, antispam management).

Anyway, we are very happy because no vital service (http, email) has less than 99.92% availability, with most hosting services having 100% uptime !

At DNHOST, our customers enjoy web hosting with proven uptime!

✅  Disable WordPress user registration 🔥

If you have just installed your WordPress and are getting email notifications for a new user subscribing to your blog, this may not be as good as it sounds.

This seems like good news for beginners, who think that their site has already become popular, since there are already users who want to register, but the truth is often completely different.

These new subscribers are spammers who want to send you their offers or hackers who want to break into your site. In fact, if you have a storm of new subscriptions, this can put a burden on your site and start delaying its upload.

ATTENTION: The same is often done with fake (spam) comments on your blog, for which we recommend using the Akismet add-on .

The question you will have is how can and do they subscribe to your blog while not offering an obvious subscription option?

Well, they use the WordPress admin login page to sign up, which is located on a known / standard link that allows you to sign up for WordPress.

The good news is that fake subscribers can not access anything important or modify anything.

Disable WordPress user registration

You can easily disable new user registration from your WP admin environment.

Just click on » Settings » -> » General » and on the page you will be taken to («General settings»), in the option » Auto-register «, you will deactivate: » Self-registration of members is allowed «.

🤑  Disable WordPress user registration 🤓

If you have the menu in English, the path is: Settings -> General -> Membership -> deselect «Anyone can register».

NOTE: In the web hosting packages that we have at DNHOST, we provide high protection against spambots and botnets that attack websites.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for the user to take his own security measures, in order to exclude as many threats as possible.

So, in the above way you can easily disable user registration in your WordPress .

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