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✨ Advantages Fully funded online courses 💥

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses : Easy switching between design and prototype without exporting or synchronizing files. Share via link for quick feedback.

Teamwork, real-time.

I recently used it to create some icons for an article we publish on our site and we found the workflow incredibly smooth. I did not need time to learn and I had the added benefit of collaboration: you can share graphics with others within the app. “

🔥  BENJAMIN READ, FRONT DESIGNER AT INDIGOTREE Fully funded online courses  ⌚⭐

4. Affinity Designer

Serif Affinity is the alternative to the Creative Suite.

Affinity Designer offers a well-crafted interface that allows users to switch almost seamlessly between it, Illustrator and photoshop. It has almost all the tools of the “classic” photoshop, except the “magic pen” and the “cloning brush” for which you will have to pay 40 € more to get them.


It is suitable for beginners because it is much easier to use than photoshop and illustrator.

Snapping function which allows you to lock and place objects / elements based on shapes, grids, alignment guides and nodes of other objects and elements.

It has no monthly or annual subscription. With just € 44.35 + VAT you can make it your own forever.

“There are some features that I really like about Affinity Designer. Zoom X 1,000,000% is just fantastic and especially useful when working with vector files. Also, the undo option allows you to take up to 8,000 steps back, which is very convenient. ”


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5. Avocode

Convert psd and stetch files to code!

Avocode was created to make the life of front developers easier. With its help, you can quickly and automatically analyze PSD or Sketch files to improve their UX and then export

🔥  it even in svg format Fully funded online courses. 🔥

Advantages Fully funded online courses

Save time by sharing your projects with other designers through the Avocode PS Plugin.

It has an option for automatic synchronization between devices after each change.

Supports many different design forms.

Excellent file management and user / Fully funded online courses partner management.

Export with automatic compression of images up to 80%.

“What we have really achieved with Avocode is improving the workflow of frontend developers. They no longer need to use Photoshop or Sketch at all. ”


We hope the above article gave you a quick overview of some of the best UX tools of 2022. Visit the websites of their creators to explore in detail their options and features. Do not forget to leave your comment about your favorite UX tools!