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Fully funded online courses : DnHost makes a Gift of 150 domain names to friends & customers!Fully funded online courses.

1. Order your .EU Domain

Register or Login (if you are already a registered user on the dnHost site) at dnHost.gr and place your order . Your EU domain . Choose to deposit in a bank account (DO NOT pay by card or generally make payment) Receive and keep an order number (eg 25534).

2. Follow us on Tweeter or Facebook Like _

The user must do:

– Follow dnHost on Twitter from http://twitter.com/#!/dnhost


🤓  Tweet the Message: I registered my .EU domain for free from Fully funded online courses  ✅

– “ Like ” the dnHost Facebook page and after going back to his profile to Post on his own Wall (not DnHost) the message I registered my .EU domain Free from @dnHost !

3. Let us know

Let us know the number of your order, so that we can proceed with the application for your .ΕU domain Free of charge .

Send us a message on Twitter ( DM / message after you follow us) or Tweet the number of your order .

Otherwise send us a message on Facebook from the «Contact» option or post the number of your order on our FB Wall !

🔥  150 Free . Fully funded online courses Domains from dnHost 🤑

Terms of Offer & Participation

1. Anyone interested who will follow the above moves can participate.

At the annual Apple WWDC 2011 event, new services and products were presented, including the new Operating iOS 5 , which together with the integrated and completely new iCloud service , combines the power and flexibility of the internet with wireless devices.

Apple frees users of iPhone 3GS & 4, iPad 1 & 2 and iPod Touch 3rd / 4th generation (only these can be upgraded to iOS 5) from all kinds of cables and thus no longer requires a computer to activate for the first time the device, nor for file transfer, backup or software upgrade!

💥  See it in practice Fully funded online courses! 💥

Notification Center: Swipe down on the top bar of the device (where the Wi-Fi / 3G indicators are, battery) opens a menu of collected information such as messages (SMS, Facebook, Twitter), missed calls, e- mail, reminders etc.

The menu is displayed even when the device is locked (lockscreen).

iMessage: «Messages», is enriched with the ability to exchange messages, text files – photos – videos – sites and contacts.

💥 💥  Reminders : Reminds you of Fully funded online courses all your obligations, based on time and geographical parameters. 💥

Immediate camera use button: at the request of several users, we can immediately take a photo or video, since there is an icon for the camera on the lock screen, while in addition the volume button acts as a «shutter» of the camera. We also have more possibilities in photography, such as removing the «red eye» effect, image rotation and cropping, manual or auto focus, zoom-in / out and subject framing.

Built-in Twitter: With just one initial entry of your Twitter data, iPhone apps will be able to use the Twitter service (camera, pictures, Safari, maps and contacts) and send it to any app they need to log in to your Twitter account.

PC Free: Goodbye Kalodio! Thanks to the PC Free function, the cable will not need to be activated for the first time, because it will be enough to have an internet connection. So future software upgrades and file sharing will be done (and) wirelessly!

iCloud: With iCloud, every file on an Apple device will be automatically uploaded to the coud and forwarded to every other Apple device! The music you have purchased or borrowed, your iBooks, photos, videos, e-mails, device settings and application data will be transferred to the cloud via WiFi, while the Documents in the Cloud will synchronize data from Contacts, Calendar, Notes, etc. a. between all your iOS devices.

Also with Photo Stream cloud you will have all your photos on all your devices (up to 10) iOS, Apple TV, your OS X but even on Windows PCs through synchronization in iCloud.

By subscribing to iCloud for free, you will be given  5GB of storage in the «cloud» * for use, while extra space will be offered for a fee.

* Cloud or cloud computing: a suite of supercomputers with very many hard drives that hold theoretically – and practically – countless data that are instantly accessible via high speed internet. Absolute ease of syncing between devices, backing up and the ultimate folder together

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