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🙂 New gTLDs data change policy from ICANN Fully funded online courses 🥇

Fully funded online courses : ICANN recently introduced the new Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) for gTLDs (.com, .net, etc.) when the owner of a gTLD changes or his details are corrected.

The new regulation stipulates that every time any change is made to the owner details (name, surname, surname, email) of a gTLD (.com, .net, etc.)  approval and information emails are sent to the old and new owner, in order to successfully complete the change of owner details. The  change of data is considered: a)  correction in the name / surname or the email of the holder,  or b) complete change of the data to a new one (ie change of domain owner ).

However, ICANN also provides the possibility for an alternative method of completing the changes, which we follow: to automatically approve the changes by dnhost, which will act as a designated agent («Designated Agent») of the client. In practice, the domain owner allows the «Designated Agent» to automatically confirm changes to the owner details on his behalf.

🤓 Thus, with the automatic approval of the changes, the following advantages emerge Fully funded online courses : ✅

Our customers are not charged with additional actions (confirmation of changes via email).

The domain does not lock for 60 days after any change of owner details.

So let’s look at an example of changing gTLD holder components. For example, I correct the owner name, from «Giorgos» to «George» (or I completely change the name and contact email). Then the following is done:

Dnhost  automatically approves the data change.

The «old» *  and the «new» * owner receive an informative email to change the details.

* : We typically call them that, even if the owner remains the same (ie if the owner details are simply corrected).

So simple! This saves us all time and ensures compliance with the new ICANN regulation on changing the details of a domain owner.

🔥  HTTP / 2, even faster web hosting! Fully funded online courses:  🤑

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed support for the HTTP / 2 protocol on all our shared and reseller hosting servers.

The process of activating the HTTP / 2 protocol started in the summer and was completed in November in all our shared / reseller hosting services, along with the upgrade of the LiteSpeed ​​web server to its latest version.

HTTP 1.1 is the most basic protocol for the Internet, it was standardized in 1997 and in 2015 its upgraded version, HTTP / 2, was released.

The main difference is that with HTTP / 2, multiple requests can be sent with a single TCP connection,  thus greatly reducing the loading time of the website.

Especially for pages in https: //  which were traditionally slower than http: //, the difference in speed is really impressive!

💥 Outline its advantages Fully funded online courses ✨  

Better header compression with HPACK Fully funded online courses

Faster website load times

Require stronger data encryption

Multiple requests to the server with priority

Reduced network latency

Support from all modern navigators

Abolition of the SPDY protocol

This upgrade of our servers offers even faster web hosting for our customers.

Using LiteSpeed  as a web server, the latest DELL servers with SSDs , CloudLinux with PHP 7 and now HTTP / 2 , promise even higher speeds in our web hosting packages .

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