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Fully funded online courses :The video you will watch entitled «The Wilderness Downtown» is a new kind of music-visual interactive experiment that uses Google Chrome to create a highly personalized and personal experience for the user.

🤓  1 Browser + HTML5 + Web Services + 1 Party = Interactive video clip Fully funded online courses ✅

This video accompanies » We Used to Wait » by Arkade Fire created by screenwriter & director Chris Milk and as you will see here (open it with Chrome), the result is from quite interesting to moving, thanks to the psychosomatic effect which performs the wonderful song in combination with the clever graphics that invite the user to participate in the action.

🤑 💥  Depicts the end of childhood as time goes by fast and renders it in your own colors using Fully funded online courses  🔥

Google maps & street view to show your neighborhood (after you have previously entered the address where you grew up / provided that google has location information) and the changes that take place in it (trees that grow here and there) and giving you the opportunity to write a letter to your younger self.

Using all the technologies supported by HTML 5 , as mentioned on the project website, the new possibilities of use and transmission of audio, video, video and canvas tags are fully used.

Synchronized streaming and special effects, custom browser window sizes, animation, maps edited directly from the Google Maps API, use of the SVG app, create an interactive and personal experience combined with the great music track.

🔥  Social Media + Good Marketing + Concert @ YouTube = New album success Fully funded online courses 🔥

So the video was not only a success as a technological result but also set new data in the internet promotion and the attraction / activation of the band’s fans, since it was spread from friend to friend through blogs , twitter , facebook and bookmarking services.

Arcade Fire also partnered with Vevo , YouTube and American Express for a live-streamed show at Madison Square Garden in New York. The concert stream on the internet attracted 3.7 million viewers, providing new interactive features such as » Choose your camera «, where the viewer could see both the director’s camera and the second camera as well as photo projections sent by the fans. of Arcade Fire and were shot in the areas where they grew up…

If we add the offer of Amazon in collaboration with Merge records, which offered in the first week of its release their album » The Suburbs » at a price of just $ 3.99, the album sold 156,000 copies in America in a few days and went to No. 1 of the Billboard directory .

The concert also caught the interest of Twitter , which contacted Merge and the band, to ask them to participate in the new advertising service of the micro-blogging site, to @earlybird , which took place on August 12, with considerable success. although they themselves did not even announce it on twitter.

Maybe the band was already high enough in the appreciation of the alternative rock music audience from its 2 previous works, it had already formed a huge fear about their long-awaited 3rd album (since it is one of the few groups that have something to say will touch you) but together with his record company, he managed to gather even more attention , reputation , followers and sales, thanks to the clever use of online communication channels and will be a reference point for the promotion of music in the future (as opposed to this ) .

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