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What is a business model diagram Free training certificates?

Benefits of business model diagram

Elements of a business model diagram

Business model diagram applications

Business model diagram example

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What is a business model diagram?

The story begins with the need to provide a tool so that the pilot projects in entrepreneurship documented and presented the main elements of the model of their work flexibly allow them to evolve, growth, and most importantly achieve the desired profit.

Here comes the role of Business Model Canvas to provide a quick way to showcase all the key components you need to get up in your business without too much complexity, and as a necessary step in entrepreneurship!

🤑  A Free training certificates business model consists of nine main components: 🤓


Customer segments

Suggested value


Relationships with clients

Sources of revenue

Main resource

main activities

Major partnerships

Cost structure

Benefits of business model diagram

The other important question after what is, why? Or, what value does a business model diagram bring to entrepreneurs and project managers? The benefits you get from presenting the main components of your business model can be enumerated as follows:

Brevity : A planner provides the ability to summarize the most important elements of any project on one sheet, which may require dozens of pages to be mentioned in other forms of diagrams.

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Ease of development, adaptability : The business model diagram provides high flexibility in seeing all the elements arranged in front of you, and modifying them as needed.

Clarity : Reading a diagram is easier and clearer to understand the vision of a project or activity than reading a large number of pages, for example from traditional plans.

Speed : The ability to transfer a chart to a business map and design a product or service, for example, at high speed.

Ease of development, modification : you can edit and add any ideas more easily on one page.

So the business model diagram offers flexibility and speed, which are both important in working on any entrepreneurial project, but what does each of the nine elements of the diagram mean?

✅   Elements of a business model diagram Free training certificates 🙂

The business model diagram consists of the main elements you need to move your business in terms of the value you add to the user to the channels through which you generate income, starting with what you provide to the client? Who are your customers? How will you reach them? What are the costs and sources of revenue? And so on

⌚ The nine elements can be summarized as follows Free training certificates: 🥇

Customer segments

It is dividing customers into similar groups based on some criteria such as age, interests and other things associated with your project, and trying to define your target audience and the so-called buyer personality to help you understand who your customers are exactly, and know the approximate market size. 

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Value Added

We can summarize it in a question: What do you sell? What service do you provide? the product? The problem you are trying to solve for clients?

So, it is the commercial basis of the project and the addition that you provide to the customer in exchange for his money, for example.