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Free training certificates : A few words about UX design. The user experience, also known as UX Design is the process of designing user-centric websites and applications, which is committed to improving user satisfaction and satisfaction for a product / service (eg a web or mobile application). Through this process, UX designers analyze the needs of users and then design, customize and improve the interface of applications and their functions .

The amount of products with which users interact is increasing daily at a rapid pace, making UX design and specialized designers essential components for the success of a website or eshop.

Here are some of the best tools that UX designers use to increase productivity and improve their workflow, which you can use if you are professionally or amateurishly improving the UI (User Interface). user).

🤓 UX Design Tools Free training certificates ✅

1. Sketch

Sketch is fast-paced and many designers prefer it to Photoshop.

Sketch for the last 2 years is one of the most popular choices of UI / UX designers who used to use photoshop for UI / UX web design.


At a cost of just 86.80 € / year it is significantly cheaper than photoshop which costs 24.79 € / month.

Easy to use and learn the basic functions.

It is quite effective in designing general layouts and vector images.

Extremely easy connection to other applications and plugins.

It has an autosave function every 5 ′.

You can view your project directly on your client’s mobile or device through «device mirroring» during creation.

«Having used Photoshop for more than 10 years, it was difficult for us to change and learn something new, but literally after the first day of using Sketch, there was no going back to photoshop. RORY BERRY, CREATIVE DIRECTOR at SUPERRB

2. Adobe XD

It has a «light» interface for even easier design.

XD includes design tools that let you specify non-static interactions, mobile and desktop previews. Also, when starting a project you have the ability to select one of the ready-made layout sizes (or enter your own dimensions) depending on the device you want to work with.

🔥 Advantages Free training certificates 🤑

XD is fully compatible with all Adobe products, so you can quickly copy-paste data from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Prototype, gives designers the opportunity and opportunity to research new alternatives and test the existing design to confirm the functionality of a product before production.

Lightweight & well-designed interface that relaxes the designer.

Sharing tool to receive comments and observations during creation.

3. Figma

Create prototypes and collaborate with other designers in real time.

Available for online use through browser but also local use in windows, mac and linux is one of the best applications for teamwork / collaboration of designers in real time. You can start with limited projects for free.

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