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🔥 How do I choose the content of my communication Free Online Courses ? 😂

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Free Online Courses : Moosend offers you Free Online Courses the opportunity to build through ready-made templates a registration form that fits both aesthetically and functionally on your site. Accordingly, Mailchimp allows you to add your company logo and the image or background you choose to your pop-up registration form .

After creating the form you can easily add it to your site yourself with one of the plugins available on the platforms for the popular CMS (WordPress, Magento etc) or ask for the help of your technician. Do not forget that in order for your users to have a better browsing experience and to gain more subscribers, you can design separate contact forms for desktop and mobile visitors.

✨  How do I put a subscriber registration form on my site Free Online Courses? 💥

The KB Mailchimp and KB Moosend knowledge bases are extremely detailed and with useful information, as they contain all the user questions that have already been answered by the respective support department.

Mailchimp and Moosend have a free plan for up to 2,000 and 1,000 subscribers respectively, so if you start developing your email list today you can start at zero cost. If your needs are greater you can compare the benefits and costs of Mailchimp and Moosend packages .

🔥  Enter a contact form on a website Free Online Courses 🤑

As you become familiar with the platform you have chosen, you can simultaneously enter a new user registration form on your site and in your e-shop.

How do I enter my contacts / subscribers on the platform?

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Add newsletter subscribers

Do you already have your clients’ email addresses from previous lists you used or events you attended? No problem, both platforms have two easy ways to enter email.

Create an excel or google sheet and in the first three columns fill in Email, Name and Surname . Then fill in each column respectively the email, name and surname of your users. If you do not have all the details, just fill in excel only the first column with the emails of your contacts. After saving or downloading your contacts as a csv file , you will upload it to the platforms by following these steps: Mailchimp: Audience -> Manage Audience -> Import Contacts -> Import Contacts Moosend: Maillists -> Mailing List Name -> Save -> Select List -> Import Members -> Excel File Select.

🤓  Excel for bulk import of newsletter contacts Free Online Courses ✅

Free Online Courses : Create a txt file in Notepad with all the emails you want to enter, writing each one on a line. Then select the entire list by copying and pasting it into the platform fields you select by following these steps: Mailchimp: Audience -> Manage Audience -> Import Contacts -> Copy and Paste Moosend: Maillists -> Mailing List Name -> Save – > Select List -> Import Members -> Paste Text

If you have more information that you can use (eg address, customer codes, date of birth) to give a more personal tone to your communication, do not forget to include them in the email entry. Just create an extra column and fill in the details.

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Do not forget that the receipt and use of personal data of your customers must comply with the GDPR regulation , always with the consent of subscribers and have the ability to easily and immediately delete them from your lists.

🙂  Selection of mail marketing content Free Online Courses 🥇

The content of your newsletter should have the ideal ratio of informative content and product promotion, based on your industry and goals. We suggest you think about the articles or topics you want to communicate to your customers and make a plan for 6 months or a year.