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✅ What is web hosting Free Online Courses 🤓

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Free Online Courses  : Know what a web hosting is Free Online Courses  What is web Free Online Courses hosting? A question that presents itself and its answer must be known to anyone who wants to work in building their website, the first word that they hear should be (domain) when they start searching for how to create a website, the term web hosting comes up, meaning That a person hosts a person or guest in the house, which means that you are actually hosting and hosting you. Free Online Courses

🙂  What is web hosting Free Online Courses 🥇

In Free Online Courses order to know what web hosting is, let’s first discuss how websites work and how they are connected to the Internet, then confirm on the basis of the  Free Online Courses internet work that we learned previously, which is a (a group of networks connected to each other around the world), which means that any website must To be permanently connected to the Internet. Free Online Courses

The place Free Online Courses  must host the files and contents of the site so that people can access them, and the place must be permanently connected to the Internet to prevent hacker and hacking operations, quick access to high data rates, and many other features. Free Online Courses

🔥 What is web hosting Free Online Courses 🔥

Web hosting is a service that Free Online Courses  organizes and stores key files used to publish and operate websites or web pages, and is designed to share website data with users within the global Internet. Free Online Courses

For hosting companies, they provide Free Online Courses  web hosting services, including the technology required to operate and store websites, and these sites are stored and operated on computers (servers) specially set up for this purpose, and when users want to view your website, all they have to do is His action is to enter your website address in their browser, and from here the communication protocol Free Online Courses between the browser and the server begins to display your website pages to users.

🔥  Web hosting is part of the server Free Online Courses 😂

The web hosting server is the CPU that you have at home, with different specifications for Free Online Courses the main components of the hard drive, and some special programs are added to convert it into a hosting server, which is used to store and share data on local or global networks such as the Internet. Free Online Courses

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✨  How to choose the best web hosting Free Online Courses 💥

When you decide to create your website or are considering moving your website to another hosting, we will help you choose the best hosting service for your website in less than a minute with the best hosting service, while there is also a comparison of web hosting companies, based on Several factors determine the best hosting site to choose the best hosting company, which suits the needs of your website, in order to help you advance your site on the Google search engine.

🔥 Free Online Courses What are the kinds of web hosting? 🤑  

Web hosting is divided into two types as follows:

Free Online Courses  Free hosting:

Some web Free Online Courses  hosting companies offer free Free Online Courses hosting services to promote and promote their services, but the services are limited, so it is suitable for small services for beginners in personal websites and website creation fields, as well as advertising on their  Free Online Courses hosting sites and hosting the same function but in a limited way.

For example if the paid hosting gives Free Online Courses you 100 GB of space, such as the very limited space provided by free hosting (up to 5-20 GB), then it works for most personal sites that do not require more space, but currently there is an increased reliance on paid hosting Lower costs.

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🤓 Paid hosting Free Online Courses ✅

Paid hosting Free Online Courses  gives you unlimited features that many free hosting services do not have, such as providing more space and hosting connection speeds because it provides greater security for your website and gives its customers a unique technical support service that is characterized by automatic communication with search engines, as this feature helps to improve Site appearance, and by providing unlimited emails to your site, ads will not appear on your site.

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🙂  Free Online Courses  What are the types of Paid hosting? 🥇

There are several types of paid hosting based on size, traffic, and price, and they are as follows:

Shared hosting Free Online Courses

It is Free Online Courses considered the cheapest type of hosting, with prices starting from $ 5 per month or less, so it is the best type of hosting for small and novice website owners, and many sites are hosted and can reach hundreds or thousands on the server (depending on the size of the server that hosts the server). Free Online Courses

In order to allocate server resources so that each user gets a portion of the traffic, space Free Online Courses and memory allocated to the server, and this user can add multiple domains in their shared hosting account, if your site continues to grow and the number of visitors increases, you can upgrade to a higher hosting plan, such as reseller hosting Or vps hosting

What is vps virtual hosting Free Online Courses

The idea Free Online Courses of ​​shared hosting is the same as virtual hosting, that is, sharing the server between multiple sites and allocating server resources The hosting between sites, but the difference is that each site has its own operating system, and the number of sites on the server is small and expensive, and this type is suitable for regular sites with a large number of visits Daily. Free Online Courses.