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Accredited short courses online : The title Accredited short courses online of a web page (title tag) is an html element (tag) located inside the source code of the web page between the elements <title> …… </title>.

To view the code of a page, press CTRL + U and to find the tag you want, type CTRL + F and type in the <title> box, where the html element you want will be highlighted immediately.

Also, the title of the web pages appears as a selectable element in the search engine results and its correct writing is a decisive factor that will determine the evaluation of the page and the click of the user.

🤓  Selectable Search Page Title Accredited short courses online ✅

Make sure it contains the keyword / keyword phrase for which you want each page to be rated. It would be useful to build an excel with the basic keywords that correspond to specific websites and secondary keywords you use in other SEO elements on the page.

Do not add too many keywords to your title, other than the keyword, so as not to confuse the bots that will rate your page as to which one is most important. Ideally put the keyword in the initial words of your title eg if the word is «e-shop», Build an e-shop easily with our free tools | DNHOST ”.

🔥 Add your company name at the end of at least Accredited short courses online half of the titles on your website, eg: “Domain registration | DNHOST “ .  🤑

It will help you to stand out in the searches related to your brand and are the most common searches that you will see (from the analytics of your website) to the users in the organic results.

Avoid using the same titles for different pages as it is a negative factor for SEO. You can easily find all the titles of a site using the Screaming Frog tool which in its free version can give results for up to 500 pages of a site. After downloading Screaming Frog, enter the url of your site in the search field and select Start to start analyzing its data. Then select the Page Title tab and the Export option (Excel) to download in excel the data of the titles of your website. Finally, in the excel file select the column of titles and

Contitional Formating-> Highlight Cell Rules-> Duplicate Values. Now you can see the titles of your website that are similar and decide which ones to keep and which ones to optimize.

Limit your titles to 50-60 characters , including spaces. This way you will not exceed 60 characters and the title of each web page will appear in full in the search results, without cutting its last words.

You can control the number of characters of a title with excel that you will download from Screaming Frog , as we saw above, or by using the Title Length Google Sheet that we prepared at DNHOST for you.

✨  Website description Accredited short courses online 💥

The description of the web pages (description tag) is an html element and you will see it in the source code as: <meta name = ”description” content = ”The description of the web page” />.

Also, the title of the web pages appears in the search engine results Accredited short courses online  and in the vast majority of cases the text that you have defined will be displayed.

For each meta description you write, ask these two questions: Accredited short courses online  «What does this page offer?» and «Why should I visit her?» If you do not answer them, edit the descriptions until you can do it.

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