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🙂 The difference between internal and external links Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online : Internal and external links are one of the components of websites, where internal links link pages and publications to each other on the website, while external links (backlinks) link your pages to other sites and one of the most important differences is that it is easy to create and control internal links. As for external links, you cannot do that.  Accredited short courses online

You can read This article is dedicated to backlinks

Internal Accredited short courses online and external links are a component of websites, where internal links link pages and publications to each other on the website, and external links (backlinks) link your pages to other sites, and the most important differences are that it is easy to create and control internal links. As for external links, you cannot.

🤓  Internal links business strategy Accredited short courses online  ✅

It is important to have an SEO strategy for your internal links and to improve it regularly and continuously by adding internal links in the correct way in order to Accredited short courses online make sure that search engines, especially Google, Google understand all of the following:

The importance of pages

Relationship between pages

Pages value

Where Google mentioned the importance of internal links in crawling and how these links help Google’s crawlers to know the content of pages and move between them easily.

🔥 The importance of internal links to Google Accredited short courses online 🤑

To prepare your internal linking strategy, there are many things that must be taken into consideration as it is certain that this strategy will depend mainly.

Site structure

I always advise site owners to imagine their website as a pyramid where the home page is at the top of the pyramid (top of the pyramid) and after that comes the chapters, topics, or categories, and at the bottom are the individual posts or pages.

If you plan the content   well, the main menu on the site should reflect this structure.

Second, determine the most important content

Decide what your most important content is, if you are not sure please read our article on Cornerstone content . Accredited short courses online

And in order to tell the search engine that this is your most important content, you need to add many links to it.

Third, add links in the same context

When you write different articles on a Accredited short courses online specific topic, you must link them together, to inform search engines and users alike that those articles are linked.

Furthermore, you must tell the search engine which of these articles is the cornerstone of your site and to do so, you must add internal links to the. Not forgetting the backlinking from Cornerstone to other articles.

✨ So we linked it to articles on the same (related) topic such as Accredited short courses online: 💥

External improvement

Internal improvement

Technical improvement

search engines  Accredited short courses online

Keyword research

Search engine results pages

When doing this, search engines, especially Google, will understand that this guide contains most of the information about [SEO], so Google Google will rank this article above other articles.

Fourth, add a section on related topics or articles  Accredited short courses online

At the end of every article or page add related articles or pages to make it easier for users and search engines.

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