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Fully funded online courses : Computer programming Fully funded online courses specialization is one of the majors that occupy a great position in the current era, as this specialization is concerned with studying the ideal way to develop different programs that are used in many matters, the most important of which are solving various problems, storing Fully funded online coursesand retrieving information, transforming data, and also communicating using technology. This specialization is evident in the interest of developed countries in studying this field greatly at the university academic level, and there are also some countries that add the study of computer programming in the curricula and decisions of different schools.

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The study of Fully funded online courses computer programming is concerned with converting the trends of a computer programmer into a programming language, as it is considered a writing process for the codes and codes of the computer correctly by the user, and then the computer is interested in dealing with it in the form of coding commands that affect the implementation and application of a certain behavior By translating into computers, and writing the required specifications so that the computer can recognize and understand them.

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The study of computer programming is a sophisticated study that mainly depends on a group of important topics, most notably programming languages, where the student studies how to use different types of databases, how to apply certain codes, and all matters related to programming that is the cornerstone of computer science, and the following are: Fully funded online courses The most important subjects of computer programming:

– programming languages

Programming basics

– Databases

Introduction to Computer Programming

– Logical thinking

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What are the tasks of graduates from specializing in computer programming?

The computer programming student gets acquainted with a set of high skills in the programming specialty, which makes him specialize in a number of tasks, the most important of which are the following:

1- Create programming instructions

2- Establishing different programs so that they can run on tablets, personal computers, smart phones, or the various automated systems that are used in manufacturing

3- Doing the necessary tests to detect and get rid of errors and work to install updates to keep pace with recent developments

4- Be sure to design a simple user interface so that he can deal with it easily

What are the fields of work for the computer programming major?

Computer programming specialization provides a wide range of distinguished career opportunities that require skilled graduates with a high level of knowledge and competence, after graduation a person can join one of the following jobs:

Web site programmer Fully funded online courses

Systems analysis and design

Web Programmer


Database Specialist

– php programmer

Designing pages and websites

Computer Development Engineer

A specialist in programming languages

Self-employment in one of the programming fields

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Traveling abroad is a dream for every student who wants to achieve high success rates and gain a privileged position in society and in the labor market in order to reach a good salary that provides him with a life of luxury, and when studying the major of computer programming abroad, we find that there are many countries that provide a unique study experience In this specialization, however, the choice depends on the country that best suits the student, his aspirations and financial capabilities, as the cost of study, which varies from one country to another, must be covered, and the following is the cost of studying a computer specialization in Malaysian universities

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