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🥇 Do you want to know what are the requirements to buy a used house? Come and here you will find the step by step to request it 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : When it comes to knowing the requirements that are required to buy a used home, people tend to think that this step is too complicated, but in reality if what you want is to fulfill the dream of acquiring your own home, you just have to follow the procedure that we will tell you in this article.

✅  See the step by step to meet each of the requirements to buy a used house 🤓 

The first thing you should do is select the entity from which you will apply for the mortgage loan, once you have chosen it, you just have to go and look for the information of each of the collections that the financial institution requires for the approval of said credit, some Entities will provide you with the forms and other documentation as well as the list of the documentation that you must submit.

🔥  Know the requirements according to buying a used house according to the group you belong toSubsidy of housing 🤑

The entities that are in charge of granting the loans request from potential beneficiaries certain requirements that will depend on the group to which they belong, there are several among which we will mention below:

 Requirements for people who have permanent jobs or employees

For this type of group of applicants, they must provide the following documentation:

1. You must have the linking request

2. Among the requirements you must present the photostatic copy of the identification document which must be printed at 150% scale, it must also contain the thumbs and the signature of the applicant

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3. the income certification which must contain the movements and withholdings that you have had throughout the year

4. Employment letter, it must be issued by the company or entity for which you work, it must contain complete information, such is the case of the position you occupy, the amount of money you earn monthly, the time of service that you have been working for the entity and finally the contract which must have an issue date that does not exceed 30 days

✨ 😂  If you are from the group of people who work independently, the requirements are the following: 💥


1. Submit the application for linking

2. Photostatic copy of the identification document which must be printed at 150% scale and this must have the thumbs and the signature of the applicant

3. In the event that the applicant is leased, he must present the lease contract and it must not exceed 60 days of validity.

4. In the event that the applicant has investments, they must present the respective certification issued by the corresponding banking entity.

5. If the applicant participates in any type of company, they must include the certification issued by the company in which they are participating, as well as the income statement and the respective financial statement.

With this information you can take the first step to gather the requirements so that you can buy a used house.