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✨ Bachelor of E-Commerce List of free online courses 💥

List of free online courses : This specialization List of free online courses carries a lot of names such as e-marketing, e-business management, business administration and e-commerce, and it is a type of business administration that is provided through the Internet, which is a commercial operation that provides buying and selling service over the Internet.

E-business List of free online courses management is a commercial activity that uses all areas of modern technology and advanced electronic technologies such as the Internet to achieve the goal of exchanging services and products between individuals and between them and between companies and institutions, in addition to the possibility of establishing external cooperative relationships with companies and institutions each other until this field has become one of the most traded fields lately.

The List of free online courses refore, studying e-commerce and obtaining a Bachelor’s in E-Commerce has become the focus of attention of many students who want to deal with modern technology and advanced technologies.

🔥  List of free online courses Bachelor of Electronic Commerce: 🤑

The Bachelor of E-Commerce is awarded by the College of Business Administration, as this major is classified among the administrative specialties along with many other administrative specializations, namely:

Management Information System.

E-commerce business administration.




Business Management.


🤓 List of free online courses What are the subject areas for Bachelor of E-Commerce? ✅


In the Bachelor of E-commerce, List of free online courses many courses and study materials are studied that differ in their names according to the university in which the student studies, and according to the country, but it is known that there are general academic courses, as all universities are keen to provide the same scientific content and these materials are:

Principles of administration.

Introduction to E-Business.

Fundamentals of Information Technology.

Principles of Marketing.

Accounting principles.

Smart business systems.

Multimedia systems and applications.

E-business strategies.

E-commerce and e-payment.

Information network site systems security.

Development of electronic business systems.

E-business applications and tools.

Website design and management.

E-business forms and processes.

leading businesses.

Legal and ethical issues in e-business.

Management of information systems projects.

Electronic business technologies.

Commercial legislation.

🥇 List of free online courses How many years have I studied Bachelor of E-Commerce? 🙂

Normally, the student takes about 4 years to study the bachelor’s degree, but the student can finish his university studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce within 3 and a half years, as this depends on the number of hours and semesters that the student registers during the academic year.

What are the most important advantages of studying e-commerce?

To study this specialization has many advantages, including the following:

Graduates of this specialization are awarded a degree of study with a prestigious standing.

One of the future academic majors needed by the labor market.

Providing many job opportunities for graduates of this specialization in a way that suits their academic qualifications.

They get high financial wages.

Graduates from this major can study modern technology, which helps them gain experience and enhance skills.

It helps save time, effort and money as well.

This major provides the student with experience designing business and e-commerce websites.

Of the scientific specializations required in universities, institutions and companies.

Keeping pace with technological development and dealing with modern technologies.

What are the fields of work for e-commerce?

After completing the university study of this specialization, the student has the right to register for a master’s degree, which provides him with an opportunity to raise his practical level, in addition to the availability of many distinct fields of work and open new horizons for him, and the student of this specialization can work in one of the following areas:

Work as a consultant in information security and e-commerce.

E-business business analyst.


Director of Public Relations.

Work in many companies, institutions and banks.

A purchasing manager, administrative manager, or marketing manager in a company.

Working in the teaching profession

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