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🙂 ⌚ Conditions for admission to masters in American universities List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses : Studying List of free online courses in America is a dream for many students, which is difficult for them to achieve, but it is not impossible. Everyone wants an opportunity to complete their studies in an American university, as they are the universities that have been able to obtain a distinguished evaluation among the best international universities, as the study is characterized by many advantages that It includes the quality of its education and its possession of the best developed educational systems, especially for masters List of free online courses studies.

There is no doubt that the United States of America List of free online courses is one of the most scientifically and culturally developed countries, as American universities have a unique educational system, and have many different scientific specializations, which provides masters students with freedom of choice, but before thinking about joining an American university, one must First, know all the necessary information for this.

So, in this article, we will clarify the conditions for admission to masters in American universities and what are the official and educational documents required?

🤓 What are List of free online courses  the conditions for admission to American universities, MA?  ✅

There are many List of free online courses conditions for accepting masters in American universities, and these conditions are:

The student must first obtain a bachelor’s degree from an internationally accredited and recognized university or educational institution.

The Bachelor’s degree must be related to the scientific specialization that will be studied at the Master’s level.

It is worth noting List of free online courses. that the previous conditions can be waived for some branches and specializations.

The academic degree obtained by the student (BA or BA) must be translated along with its transcript.

You must pass List of free online courses the test certificates in accordance with the following language assessments: IELTS Certificate IELTS with a total of 7 degrees at a minimum or increase, and a certificate of TOEFL TOFEL with   a minimum of 90 degrees.

Submit 3 letters of recommendation from a university.

A bank List of free online courses account statement for the student to ensure that the study expenses can be covered at the American University.

A true copy of the first page of the student’s passport, provided that it is valid. In the event that the student does not possess a passport, he must translate the identity card, provided that it is certified.

The last page of the graduation letter for the undergraduate student must be attached, taking into account its approval by the university.

The student’s CV, taking into account its translation into English.

A letter explaining the primary motivation and goal in relation to the chosen major.

There may be a number of other conditions for accepting masters in American universities, depending on the university to which the student is applying, but those aforementioned conditions are most of the conditions and requirements for any university there.

🔥  What is the cost of studying a Masters in American universities? 🤑  

There is no doubt that the university’s tuition costs and registration fees differ in their content with different universities and scientific specializations, but the costs and tuition expenses for foreign students are not different from the same for American or local students in the United States of America for masters study, where the cost of the academic year ranges between 20 thousand $ To about $ 30,000 per school year.

What is the duration of study for a master’s degree in American universities?

The specific time period for educational courses varies, especially with regard to the master’s degree, in line with the multiplicity of branches and the different scientific specializations, but it is normal and usual for the duration of the study of the Master’s in American universities to last from one year to 3 years, and if the student obtains a master’s degree, it is The right to have the opportunity to be accepted for registration at the PhD level.

💥 What are the List of free online courses advantages of obtaining a master’s degree from an American university? ✨  

There is no doubt that there are many advantages that a master’s holder gets from American universities, which are, for example, but not limited to:

The student enjoys a prominent position in society.

Gain practical skills and experience.

Getting many benefits in the fields of work, such as higher salary, job position, and others.

The student enjoys educational quality and distinguished and internationally recognized academic accreditation

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