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List of free online courses : You can also read the  detailed  Joomla transfer instructions (for advanced). If you want to install Joomla locally on your PC, all you have to do is read this article !

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Secure Joomla site with 8 moves

Have you created one or more sites with Joomla and a malicious user (hacker type 🙂 harmed you? Then it’s time to take your Joomla security consideration seriously.

See with us some tips for a safe and healthy Joomla site!

Moves to a secure Joomla site

1. Upgrade your Joomla often!

The A and O in the security of web applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc is the immediate upgrade to the next version when a new version of the application is released or a smaller (but equally important) security update. This will correct any security vulnerabilities that existed in the previous version.

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[important] Caution : you should always  back up your  site  before  making any upgrades so that you can restore it if something goes wrong. [/ important]

Another important thing that is often overlooked by users, is the upgrade of add-ons (add-ons, extensions)  that you have passed on your site.

Leaving a Joomla component without upgrading can act as a Trojan Horse for attacks on your site.

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✨  See a list of vulnerable Joomla List of free online courses  extensiosn:   💥 ⌚

2. Use only the necessary Add-ons

Thousands of third-party applications (components-modules-plugins) have been built for Joomla  .

Although most comply with Joomla’s security rules, many of them have bad code and may cause security vulnerabilities in your Joomla. For the sake of truth: 

So you should have  moderation in  their use and  check  before installing them.

Always test an application in a trial environment before installing it on your website and read the comments left by other users on the add-on website.

[notice] If you installed an add-on that you did not use or did not do the job you wanted, do not just unpublish it but UNINSTALL (uninstall), otherwise the files will remain in your domain. [/ notice]