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List of free online courses : Following the scandal over the leak of personal data of 87 million users  , Facebook on Monday, April 9 began to send users 1-2 notifications regarding the protection of personal information and the possible leak of data to Cambridge Analytica.

The first notice entitled  List of free online courses «Protection of your information» concerns the management of information and privacy of Facebook users .

The second notification sent by facebook concerns the breach of users’ personal information by Cambridge Analytica. If the notification includes the message on the left screen from the image below, it means that your data is safe. While in case your data has been stolen, you will see the message on the right screen.

If you have not yet received the notification regarding the breach of your personal profile information by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook gives you the opportunity to check it through the link  .

🤓 This message will be displayed List of free online courses  in case your personal data remains secure. ✅

The above Facebook alerts and actions started a few days after the long post of Mark Zuckerburg on Facebook, in which he stated that there was a breach of personal data by Cambridge Analytica.

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Manage your data and privacy!

Following the scandal of personal data leakage from Facebook and in view of the implementation of the new privacy policy (GDPR), we present to you the options you have for the management and protection of personal data that you have shared with the largest internet companies.

The Facebook has introduced new tools for the management and protection of personal data:

manage your information

manage your privacy

The Google provides a control panel for privacy management, which helps users to manage their data stored in different services / products:

view & manage your activity

Manage your own ad profile

manage the applications you use

see your history on Youtube

download all your data from Google

The Microsoft , which is quite often in the past had problems from the EU on data collection, has also introduced a new data collection and viewing tool.

manage your privacy on Windows devices

Learn about data protection at Microsoft

manage your data in its services  (Bing, Cortana, Skype, Office etc)

The  Apple provides an update on privacy and confidentiality management to manage preferences for your personal data and will soon offer the possibility of the user data  through the AppleID :

✨  Learn about Apple Privacy Policy List of free online courses modify your privacy preferences 💥

Finally, to find out and manage your personalized ad preferences when browsing the web or using apps, visit the following websites:

–  optout.networkadvertising.org   (of the  Network Advertising Initiative – «NAI»  )

–  youradchoices. com / control  (of the  Digital Advertising Alliance – “DAA”  )

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